Room 29

22nd July

Room 29 students have been reflecting on the learning at Garden to Table during Term 2. These Year 6 students are looking forward to more fabulous experiences in their last term of Garden to Table at Edendale Primary. In small groups they have created some beautiful work to be displayed in their classroom.

Room 29 has been focusing on writing descriptive recounts during Student Choice Writing and have created outstanding pieces of writing on their experiences. They have discussed their ‘learning intention’ and ‘focus’ while working in the Garden with Jodie.

Debbie has put her thoughts to paper…have a read!

Gardening -20th July

Today for gardening, we had to do a shopping and gardening list. The shopping list was from a list of things from a folder and the gardening list was from the folder but we had to think about things we grow at Edendale.

After we wrote our list, we went to weed around Rosemary plants. Next we went down to the orchard to collect bark, this helps to block weeds from growing. After all the hard work, Jodie allowed us to play non-stop tag. This was a cool gardening lesson.

By Debbie Room 29

On Monday 20th July, Room 29 went to Garden to Table. We are going to tell you our feelings on what we made. We made Jerusalem Artichoke Soup, and we made focaccia bread. Ella and I really liked it. We thought it was nice because it warmed us up. It was such a cold day!

By Grace. R and Ella S

10th June

Room 29 students have been learning to safely use cutting tools to keep our orchard looking beautiful. Hedge shears, Loppers and Secateurs are just some of the many tools they used. It’s great to see the students working together to ensure they use the tools correctly.

In the kitchen the students used a variety of seasonal vegetables from our gardens to toss up a sensational salad and a delicious herb scone as a side. A divine aroma filled the kitchen.

What a superb effort Room 29, keep up the excellent work!!

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22 May

Room 29 students had a fantastic time in the kitchen with Sarah. They made a divine Foccacia bread, with a zesty tomato chutney and a drop of basil oil.
They made an excellent effort to work as a team to knead the Focaccia dough perfectly to create a fluffy bread.
Super work Room 29!

On the 20th of April we did Garden to Table, I did cooking first. When we got up to the kitchen we washed our hands and put on our aprons. On my table there were lots of ingredients. Both tables were split into two groups; one making tomato chutney and the others were making basil oil. I was making basil oil with Lukasz.

First we got the basil leave stems, then we put in salt and olive oil. Next we put it in a blender with the other group’s basil oil to blitz it. After that Sarah put our basil oil and tomato chutney in the fridge.

The next part was to get the bread mixture from the drying room. We then kneaded the bread mixture and made a base which was like a thick pizza base and we made holes in it.  We poured lots of olive oil over and sprinkled rosemary on top.

Later, Sarah put it in the oven and we made a bread mix for the next group.  We waited a bit longer and we washed the dishes. Sarah got the bread out of the oven, it smelt so nice.

We got two pieces of bread and a spoonful of basil oil which was quite salty (because our group was silly and put too much salt in) and a spoonful of tomato chutney. It was really delicious and when you bite in it deflated like an air mattress.

By Pipi

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