Room 28

May 2015

Room 28 has created some amazing poems which summarise their feelings and experiences at Garden to Table. These are amazing poems Room 28, keep up the great work.

Garden to Table – by Faenza Hiroti – Room 28

As I’m reading my recipe,

the flour pours in steadily.

My friends watch in delight,

while I try to get the measurements right.

The cake batter is passed around,

person to person

‘till suddenly the batter gets smoother and smoother.

We each take turns putting batter into cups,

then we wait and wait until the oven warms up.

The cupcakes are baking,

each in their cozy little nook.

And then we are told to open our book,

I scribble down all of my experiences,

and wait for the bell using all my senses.

I love cooking, and when I am able.

I head over to Garden to Table!!

Garden to Table – By Rachel Huang Room 28

Homegrown vegetables and fruits,

that are a delight when cooking and it’s ready to eat,


What a delicious treat!


Teachers that tell you the basic needs,

to a homemade treat that is simple to make.

Forward and backwards to collect ingredients you need.

At the end you have a wonderful snack you can eat.


In the garden you will see Jodie digging up soil,

that we use to plant our fruit and vegetables.

From the garden you can smell the deliciousness of homemade cuisine,

different types of spices and ingredients to choose from,

to make a lovely plate of food.

Vegetables and fruit picked from our garden,

ready to eat!

Sarah and Jodie give us really handy tips,

while cooking and gardening

Garden to Table


Garden to Table – By Sarah Shawish – Room 28

Garden to Table with Sarah and Jodie

At the garden pulling out long green weeds

Running to the compost, tipping in brown autumn leaves and twigs

Digging holes to plant colourful fruit and vegetables

Eating delicious savoury and sweet dishes

New healthy recipes every week

Talking about the WALT and what some words mean

Often everyone’s cooking while some are washing dishes

Taking our time while we are trying to make everything clean

At the table waiting for yummy food

Being careful and checking the food in the oven

Letting everybody say something they like

Eating time! That was fun, all thanks to Jodie and Sarah!

April 2015

Room 28 this week have started to become scientists in the kitchen. They explored how chemical reactions work when baking. They explored how liquids can turn into solids and also how raising agents help when baking. They created scrumptious ‘Autumn Feijoa cakes’  from the feijoas in our garden. Out in the garden the students learnt the correct techniques to dig soil. They also learnt the importance of choosing the correct size digging tool to effectively dig the garden beds to prepare them for planting.

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10 thoughts on “Room 28

  1. I was very impressed with how you were able to use scientific language when explaining to Sarah about ‘dissolving’ ‘melting’ and ‘reacting’ when making those beautiful feijoa cakes today.
    In the garden you did a fantastic job showing safe procedures with the tools you were using.
    Thank you for sharing your cooking with me 🙂
    From Mrs Herbert

  2. I saw a lot of students returning back to Room 28 with their ‘Autumn feijoa cakes’. They were so excited about what they had made. Your hard work in the gardens is so important as the more we have growing, the more there is to cook!! Well done Room 28.

  3. Hamako and I had a bit of trouble digging those holes because we hit a huge tree root and it wouldn’t move.By the end we almost had it but we had to put all the dirt over the hole again :-\

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