Room 27

23 October 2014

Unfortunately Room 27 had to say goodbye to Garden to Table at the end of last term and for some of our Year 6’s it would be the last time for them
See the highlights below, you may even see some of the things we’ve been working on pop up in the school gardens in the future

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8 September 2014

During the past month, Room 27 have been lucky enough to…
-Make avocado and carrot sushi with rainbow chard instead of nori
-Make grapefruit marmalade and mandarin yogurt cake
-Reduce landfill waste by upcycling fence posts
-Create a delicious “Zesty Roasted Jerusalem Artichoke salad” and “Marmalade Cupcakes”
-Learn how to upcycle milk bottles to create a plant wall
-And have planted bay trees around the school

What an exciting time they have been having
Check out some of the photos below
Week 5

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Week 7 in the Garden

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Week 7 in the Kitchen

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8 August 2014

Once upon a time there was a caterpillar named Bob. One day Bob was in his bug hotel eating his leaves until 1 hour later another caterpillar pushed Bob out of his bug hotel and ate all of Bob’s leaves. But Bob went to another bug hotel and kicked that bug out. Two minutes later, Bob was sleeping. Then he woke up, he just noticed that he was in a cocoon for the night!
Sausao A-N, William H and Vaeden G

Caterpillar Chaos!
Once upon a time there was a caterpillar called Doug, he had just been born from his egg.
“Hi there, as you know I was plucked up like a sausage by these ugly ningcompoops! I was placed in an absolutely disgusting box full of hay and silver plant leaves (well I admit, it wasn’t that disgusting, it was rather tempting). I stayed there for a night…”
O no… Doug got squished by a shoe!
“Ahhhhhh… help!”
Doug was so oh so scared!
Grace L and Susanna Y

25 July 2014

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21 July 2014

In the garden, you pick up sticks
In the kitchen, you slice and dice
In the garden, you do no harm, adding to the worm farm
In the kitchen, you can feel free to make something for me
But when you’re in either the garden or kitchen, fun is the key!
Jade P

4 July 2014

This week Room 27 spent there last Garden to Table session of the term making windmills for the school gardens. Jodie and her budding gardeners have noticed a lot of birds eating our plants so they have been coming up with some ways to stop them! You will notice some colourful windmills popping up in our gardens over the next week. Here are some photos on the process we went through to make them. Finn K-S and Hai VL have written some great instructions if you would like to make your own!

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Students in Room 27 were so enthusiastic after creating some amazing “Bug Hotels” last week that they did some writing about it in their free time. What a hit Week 5 was along with using creative techniques when folding our tortes.
You will find a lot of Room 27 checking on their “Bug Hotels”

23 June 2014

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In Week 5, Room 27, “Group A” went to the kitchen first and made kumara and winter vegetable tortes. Tortes are covered tarts, a bit like dumplings. It was the first time I had ever seen kumara that’s insides were orange! It was difficult to cut, but we were able to do it in the end! After lunch we went to the garden and made bug hotels. They are small wooden boxes or structures for bugs to live in. We collected resources such as leaves, bark and sticks and put them into bug hotel. We also collected caterpillars such as the one my group named Bob

Arjan R

Bug Hotels
In the Edendale garden, Room 27 and different classrooms made bug hotels. The bug hotels are made out of wood, old tubes and then decorated. All the students decorated in groups and collected things around the school to make these hotels. All the decorations were from nature, for e.g. flax, sticks, bamboo, swamp plants leaves and even pine cones. In my group (Rosemary, Sylvie, Taylor and I) we put sticks at the back of the hotel and a pine cone on the side just to make the caterpillars feel at home and safe. After that we put heaps of swamp plant leaves in so the caterpillars won’t get hungry when they’re in there. We had a lot of big caterpillars, some baby ones and even eggs. Rosie came up with the idea of making little beds for them made entirely of swamp plant. It was fun making those hotels in a group.

Billie A

Bug Houses
In the Edendale garden, ‘bug houses’ have been made from wood and then decorated by the students. The houses are wooden boxes/crates connected to wooden posts. The houses are made entirely from recycled materials. The students decorated the houses with wood, bamboo, pine cones and leaves. Some people put caterpillars in their houses. The houses are for garden predators that kill the garden foe to eat, sleep and lay eggs in during winter. They are very good and make the school gardens look nice. I think they should definitely be made in all schools

Eva W

And we are back!!
What a great way to start the term for Room 27. In Week 1, we learnt about “Garden Foe”, and “How to use knives safely”

Here are some of the photos of us investigating things that are harmful to our garden and making Jerusalem Artichoke Soup and Herb and Cheese Scones (see Recipes page). We have written comments on the photos also to tell you about what we have been doing. Can’t wait for next lesson!!

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Even though Room 27 hasn’t started Garden to Table yet this term, they have been getting excited about the beautiful flowers and plants growing around the school

Here is some writing that students did describing what they have been seeing at Edendale lately

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Billie A
There are thousands of organic foods and a lot of colourful flowers. In the garden there are heaps of healthy foods with vitamins. All the flowers are always staying healthy; they get watered all the time. They are always well taken care of by everyone. The garden is very important because there are so many things that are irreplaceable. Did you know that worms help gardens grow? Don’t rip out the flowers; don’t harm the bees because they help the plants grow.

Eva W
In the Edendale garden there are lots of flowers and vegetables growing and the children help look after them. When you look after the garden, it helps you to get to know people better. When you walk through the Edendale garden you get a beautiful smell of nature

Hai V L
Poem about the Garden
Cabbages, carrots, onions and cheese
Which one is the odd one of these?
Fruit and veges are not the same,
But kids always argue and complain.
Mystery foods like tomato, cucumber and avocado,
Are they veges or fruits? We will never know.
What do you think is a vege or fruit?
Figure out yourself, what are you going

Hannah J
Nature in the garden
There will always be nature in the garden where flowers are growing metres over our heads. Roses, tulips, lavender, fruit, veges and lots more things are blooming in spring or summer and maybe autumn. Although in winter they’re glittering like diamonds with pretty snowflakes falling down and ice cold water dripping down from leaf to leaf like a slow sparkly water fountain. There may be a kite stuck in a flowery tree, or a gingery cat sitting on a well-painted fence. Sometimes there might be a cheeky looking kid peeking from the window or beautiful smells wafting from the window where students are cooking.

Lukasz S
In this picture I can see yellow flowers with orange in the middle of them. There are also two midget upside down water spouts coming out of the sprinkles. There are also a few orange flowers with black in the middle of them.
In the sunflower photo, I can see a massive sunflower with a bumble bee collecting nectar. In the middle of it, the colour is also orange and yellow

Finn K-S
The sun shines over a place of growth and possibility. Where sunflowers and growth are all around, it changes by the season as stubborn as a tree in a storm as fragile as a flower. Crystal clear water falls upon it like rain, giving strength to the growing sprouts. They children of nature, gardens are the stem of food and life. It is a sanctuary, we protect it. The garden

Taylor L
Garden have got lots of leaves and plants. Plants are like; flowers, carrots, strawberries, peas, beans, tomatoes and other things. You can pick things out of gardens. Some gardens are big and some are small. Some people have gardens, some people don’t. Lots of people have flowers in their garden. Gardens are awesome

What we love most about Garden to Table!

Room 27 has been doing some writing about what they have been learning in Garden to Table this term. Here a few pieces…

In Garden to Table we do many wonderful things like learning how to track the weather.

In the garden this term we have harvested strawberries, planted new seeds and made compost lasagne. My favourite thing we did was harvest the ripe strawberries; being me I am very fond of strawberries so this was the perfect activity for me. Once we got to the garden bed, we started to check for ripe strawberries. At first we didn’t find many but once we knew where to look we found tonnes of strawberries. Many of my classmates found unripe strawberries but Jodie our garden instructor said it was fine because we would make jam with them. After we found about 6-8 each, we chose one out of the basket to eat; I chose a bright red one. Many of my classmates didn’t think to wash the strawberries but I did. When I ate the strawberry it tasted sweet, juicy and very fresh, it was like biting into strawberry heaven. I believe the garden is where we plant, learn and pick up new skills.

In the kitchen we do a lot of cutting, slicing, and mixing. The kitchen is all about learning to cook and picking up skills for life. This term we have made salads, falafels and many other delicious things. In the kitchen we have a very talented cook, she is called Sarah. Sarah knows so many facts about how to cook that she is almost a cookbook herself. She loves to her share her passion with everyone, which has a big influence on me.

By Winona L

Garden – This year we have been doing lots of fun activities in the garden. This year I am really proud of myself because when I planted seeds last year, they hadn’t grown and we now they have we get to use them in the kitchen. Some of the things we have learnt are; why do we save seeds? How does growing food help with land scarcity? How do we reduce pollution in the garden?

We learnt that in the garden we reduce pollution by not pouring dangerous chemicals in the garden as they flow into the ocean and kill the sea animals. We also need to clean out the leaves in gutters.

This term, we made a new garden bed for vegetables. We collected a mixture of green and brown materials. Last week we learnt how to track the weather, using really cool instruments such as a compass and a thermometer.

Kitchen – I love the kitchen the most as I love to cook and bake. Some of the focuses we have had are; why do we need to read recipes? What are the different measurements we use? What happens if we don’t measure correctly? What do we do with our harvest? How do we preserve food? How do we maintain a fast metabolism? This term we have also made our own past which was delicious!

By Navjot K

This term in the kitchen we have been making different foods from around the world. We started off with the Middle East and made falafels and then moved onto learning about spices and seasonings, we found many spices such as cinnamon, cumin, coriander, paprika, pepper, ginger and garlic.

We have also done other activities in the garden such as tracking the weather and soil temperature. We did this by using rain measuring cups, a compass and a soil temperature meter.

By Rosie V

A surprise welcome back!

Y5/6 students had a great surprise when they came back to school this term … More Garden to Table! In Room 27s first session they learnt how to make pasta. Mmmmm yummy!

Recipe: Springtime Broccoli sauce with school made pasta served with Spinach, Mint, Parsley and Pesto

From the Garden: Broccoli, Mint, Oregano, Italian Parsley

Room 27 says goodbye to Garden to Table

Room 27 created poem books for Jodie and Sarah to show their appreciation for the fantastic time they have had over the past two terms. Wow, they have learnt so much!

Good Old Days in the Garden

Joyful Jodie teaches us new things every week,

I remember one time I pulled out a beautiful leek,

Murphy’s kumara looked like a ugly freak,

The beautiful smell of the vegetables made me weak.

Terrific Times at the Table

We could hear the sizzling of the vegetables when Damian’s spectacular spatula touched the pan,

As we moved the plates along, the moved like a minivan.

She is very tall with blue eyes, but she is not so good at cooking on ice,

She hates to cook with ice,

I wish we could have some time for rice,

For next time cooking will be nice.

She loves to read books,

And have lots of little cooks.

by Murphy L, Jayden N and Damian P


Spectacular Sarah’s Killer Kitchen

“Mmmm!” This is what the children say when they taste Sarah’s food in the kitchen,

Sarah’s shining knives are as sharp as a razor,

The fun we have is like jumping into a pool on a hot summers day,

The number of things we have learnt is uncountable,

I think the food is scrumptious, and some say delicious,

When we are finished…


You can hear the children running down the stairs,

Still happy from the class they’ve just had.

Jolly Jodie’s Gorgeous Garden

We rush off to where Jodie stands,

To start the adventure of our gardening class,

The gloves were as dirty as wet mud on my white jeans,

We pick some fresh vegetables from the garden, SPLAT!

I squeezed the avocado too hard,

I ran to Jodie to show her the mess,

‘Oh my gosh”, she yells in distress

by Navjot K and Rosie V

This week in Garden we have been learning about what we need to put into our soil to make it healthy so it keeps our plants happy. To keep our soil healthy we need to add nutrients such as animal poo, compost and Vitamins. If our soil was too acidic we could add lime that we can get from the garden centre. If our soil is healthy it = healthy plants = healthy humans, and if our soil was not unhealthy it would = unhealthy plants = unhealthy humans. I think keeping our soil healthy is really important.

Table:In the kitchen this week we learnt about what nutrients are. Nutrients are all kinds of healthy things like Vitamins, potassium, and dietary fibre, that is good for plants, animals, and humans. Nutrients help cure sickness such as heart diseases, heart attacks, and coughs and colds, because they’re so helpful to fight away the germs. Nutrients are really good for us, so if you are sick you can drink or eat food that has nutrients in it.

By Navjot

In Garden to Table this week we learnt what we need to add to our soil to make the plants happy, and in Kitchen we learnt what nutrients were.

In Garden this week the fruit salads (that’s the name of our group) went down to the orchard and weeded the path ways, while we were doing that we found lots of worms and slugs/snails. When we had done that we filled up some buckets with mulch, then we put it in the orchard. This week our WALT was “grow strong healthy plants”. Our FOCUS was “what do we need to add to our soil to make our plants happy”? The answer was lime, compost, and animal poo!

In Kitchen this week we learnt what Nutrients are. Nutrients are Vitamins such as vitamin C, K, and vitamin A. They are also Potassium, dietary fibre, and folate. They are mostly found in vegetables, so it’s important that you eat your vegetables because it protects your heart from cancer, heart attacks, heart disease, obesity, and diabetes type 2. This week our WALT was “Identify nutrients in the food we grow”. Our FOCUS was “how do these nutrients support our health”. We cooked Fritters, salad and kumara muffins “yum…”

By Scarlet Todd

On Wednesday we had Garden to Table, and we learnt a lot! The first thing we did was go to the kitchen, we made salsify fritters, celeriac, raisin and apple salad, and kumara cakes. I tried salsify for the first time I did not like it that much but I think I will grow to like it, anyway the main thing was that I tried it. After that Sarah [our amazing cook] talked about what nutrients are. I learnt so much facts like red pepper have the most Vitamin C in them and that nutrients have so many good things in it like Vitamin c, Minerals, Vitamin k and much more. We also learnt if we don’t have enough we can get heart disease, heart attacks, and colds and coughs.
In garden we went down to the orchard and helped pull out the weeds. Pulling the weeds out was really hard but we were left with great results. After we got most of the weeds out the orchard was very messy so we used a .bark mixture to fill in the holes where we had pulled out the weeds

By Winona

What producers Carbon Dioxide? How does the Oxygen Cycle work?

Rosie Rm 27_001

Rosie Rm 27
Winter Soup with Bread

In winter, it can be really cold so a good idea is to try a winter garden soup with sunflower seeds and carrot bread. It is nutritious, delicious and healthy for your body; it also gives your body an energy boost and keeps you nice and warm.

Firstly, we chopped the ingredients and then grated the onion and kumara. After that, we sautéd the ingredients in the sauce pan but you have to be careful because the stove will be hot.

Then we mixed water and vegetable stock together and added the mixture into the sauce pan.

Next, we added the chopped rainbow beet to the pot, stirred and cooked for 15 minutes.

For the bread you will need flour, water, carrots, sugar and salt. Put the ingredients in a bowl and roll the mixture into small balls and bake for about 10 minutes.

Last but not least, serve and enjoy your delicious warm and healthy winter garden soup with bread. One last tip; jump on the couch, flick on the TV and relax.

(Caprice Rm 27)

Soup with Bread

A wonderful delight for a freezing cold day is warm winter garden soup with sesame seed and carrot rolls. There are endless ways to do this, but this should be by far the best.

Firstly, you need to grate the kumara and carrot. Then comes the time to finely chop the garlic, onion and broccoli! Now sauté the ingredients in a sauce pan.

Mmm … the smell is delicious!

After that, mix water and vegetable stock and pour into the sauce pan. Chop up the rainbow beet/chard and add it in.

For the bread, simply press and roll the grated carrot and sesame seeds into ordinary dough and separate into sizes that you choose. Now put them on a tray and into the oven.

Finally chill out, watch TV and when the bread is ready, EAT YOUR SOUP and BREAD!!!


(David –Rm 27)

Bread and Soup

Have you ever had soup that you really enjoyed but don’t know how to make it? Well, follow these instructions and your family will enjoy the flavours in the soup.

This recipe is good because if you don’t have a certain ingredient you can change it.

Firstly, grate the carrot and kumara. Chop the onion, garlic and broccoli. Next sauté all of the ingredients into the sauce pan.

After that, empty ingredients into a pot and add chopped rainbow beat to it. Then stir for 15 minutes.

To make the bread mix flour, water, carrots, sugar and salt in a bowl. Roll it into small balls and bake it around 10-15 minutes and then it’s ready to serve.

The soup was a very warm and yummy to eat with the bread.

(Kiahn Rm 27)

6 thoughts on “Room 27

  1. I enjoyed reading about how to make Soup and Bread. I like the idea of adding carrots to make bread. Does the bread go ‘orange’ when it is cooked? I love the smell of bread when it has just been cooked.

  2. To Room 27: I love your poems as they let me know how much fun you had doing Garden to Table. The reflections written by Navjot, Winona and Scarlett T were enlightening. Well done Room 27!!!

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