Room 24

WALT: Write a recount about garden to table using a picture as a starting point

Are you a marvelous chef or a master gardener?
In the garden we were searching for wicked garden foes (garden enemies).There were tiny bugs and medium sized bugs. Some foes were so tiny we had to use a magnifying glass! There was this type of bug that hides underneath yummy broccoli. There was so many bugs! In the kitchen we made two delightful but healthy types of food. One was a scrumptious scone and the other was a nice and warm vegetable soup. The vegetable soup had a lot of vegetables in it, that’s why it’s called vegetable soup.

Last week we made a delicious, scrumptious soup using green and non-green vegetables. We chopped the vegetables and added them into a boiling pan filled with water and mixed the rest of the ingredients into the pan. Then we created the dough for our magnificent scones. We added extra cheese on top to make it even more delicious. When the scones were ready we all got to try our deliciously made soup and scones together which made a good combination but I liked the scone better without the soup.
Nidha N

About the kitchen
Last week in the cool kitchen, Room 24 made soft cheesy and puffy scones and green and non-green vegetable soup. With the soup we first cut the vegetables into pieces and then put them into a pan and waited for it to cook. With the scones, first we made a dough, cut them in pieces, added extra cheese on the top and put it in the oven and then we waited till it baked.

Week 2 – Kitchen

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Week 2 – Garden

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Here is a variety of photos from Room 24’s time at Garden to Table over the past few weeks. They are really enjoying making yummy foods that will keep them warm on these cold nights

Week 1

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Our boys in Room 24 had a very special GTT session today. Catherine Bell from GTT visited with Chef Jonny Schwass  to share cooking gnocchi with silverbeet, rainbow chard and fennel gratin! Delicious! Check out our pictures!

4 thoughts on “Room 24

  1. What a fantastic job you have done so far!! Great effort Room 24 and look forward to seeing it being used for growing seedlings.

  2. I see by the pictures you had a special visitor and got to enjoy eating AGAIN! What are some of your favourite recipes that you have got from Garden to Table sessions? I am very impressed with the greenhouse. It will be interesting to see how hot it gets when we are in December. Perhaps you could get a temperature gauge in there so you can compare the temperatures in September, November and December.

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