Room 2

Special experiences

Room 2 found the most amazing thing in the garden the other day. While they were out helping in the garden some adventurous students stumbled across a beautiful bird’s nest with amazing bright blue eggs in it. This was a special moment for them. They also created the most amazing potato and oregano torte which were quickly gulped down.

Strawberries and Fritters

Room Two learnt how to look after and grow some delicious strawberries this week. They created a mulch using sheep poo, pine needles and compost (plus a few other secret ingredients). If you asked them nicely they might even tell you their special tricks.

We also got busy in the kitchen creating the most delicious, mouthwatering cauliflower fritters. We all agree that these are well worth the effort and we were all left wanting more.

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Term 4 begins with pizza and edible flowers.

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Room 2 grabbed the opportunity to try some edible flowers while out in the garden during our first week at Garden to Table. We also learnt what vegetables and herbs should be planted at this time of the season. Room 2 have planted some basil to pick later in the year. We also made some fantastic pizzas. Please find the recipe on the recipe tab and try some yourself.

Here is an informative video about what Room 2 has been doing in Garden to Table this term

Room 2 talk about Garden to Table

Room 2 has been using their learning from Garden to Table back in the classroom. They have created pieces of art based on the process they went through to make ice cream. They also incorporated the Tupu team lemonade tree into their art work. Well done Room 2!

Room 2 were making rainbow couscous and having fun in the garden. Check out the slideshow below to see them in action.

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5 thoughts on “Room 2

  1. The blue eggs are very beautiful. There must have been a bit of luck to find them in the Edendale school grounds!

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