Room 27

August 2015

A budding magazine food reviewer has created this review based upon their experience at Garden to Table.


On the 28th of July Room 27 had Garden to Table. We made Jerusalem artichoke soup and focaccia bread.

The Jerusalem artichoke soup had a delicious flavour and a perfect texture. I rated it a ten out of ten.

To go with the soup we made focaccia bread and everyone went “YAY” because we had made it before and it tasted so good. I rated the bread yet again the perfect ten out of ten.

By Ella Wilson

Here is an exciting acrostic poem summarising the tastes and colours at Garden to Table by Bruno Freeman.

Ginger is bitter

Avocado is green

Radish is red

Dandelion is yellow

Eggplant is purple

Nature is growing

Trowel is used for planting

Orange grows on trees

Tongs are used in the kitchen

Apricot is furry

Bananas are what we grow

Leak is green

Eggs come from chickens

Hannah Jordan eloquently recounts the rules at Garden to Table in her own words.


In the kitchen, wear covered shoes,

If you make a mess, who should tidy it up, you!

Don’t touch your hair,

Keep the noise down in there!

Wash and dry your hands before coming in,

Put paper towels in the bin!

Only if someone gives you permission can you use the knife,

If you run in the kitchen with it you could lose your life!

Use the tea towels for drying dishes,

Only use the mop on the floor or you could get diseases!

Put everything away in the correct spot, or…


By Hannah Jordan

June 2015

Room 27 was busy this month learning how to whip up a quick and tasty Thai Green Curry. They used pumpkin, green beans and coriander to create this stunning dish.

In the garden the students worked on developing their cutting skills. They have been learning to use large lopping shears effectively. This is not as easy as it looks as these shears are massive.

Well done Room 27, Keep up the good work.

May 2015

I really enjoyed Garden to Table last week. My favourite part was cooking with Sarah and Lizzy. We learnt how to make focaccia bread, tomato chutney and a pesto.

I really enjoyed the cooking session because the recipes were easy to follow and it included some ingredients from the school garden. The BEST part of the cooking session was tasting the marvellous masterpieces we made.

Next time I am looking forward to finding out what we will be creating and what skills we will learn.


Digging your way to flavour!!

Room 27 has been so busy in our gardens this last week. They have been learning to use a variety of digging tools appropriately to help prepare as well as plant in our gardens. This looks like hard work and I am impressed Room 27!

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In the kitchen they have created fantastic focaccia bread with a quick tomato chutney and Tuakana basil oil. They were learning how to measure different quantities of ingredients accurately as well as valuable life skills such as working as part of a team to complete tasks.

Well done Room 27.

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9 thoughts on “Room 27

  1. What a great first session at Garden to Table. I could see you were all focused and learning a lot in the garden and the kitchen

  2. Oh man the food looks good. I miss Edendale and I want to come back. Oz is fun but very HOT all the best. SEINI TOUTAIOLEPO

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