Room 24

24th August 2015

As we see more sunshine and less grey clouds, our days are brighter and the students creative juices are definitely flowing. On Friday 21st August Rooms 26 and 24 took advantage of the beautiful warm afternoon. Their task was to come up with some form of creative writing based on nature. Here is some of their spectacular writing

Garden to table is full of life
Once you get yourself into it
You can’t get out for an hour
You smell the superb food that you are cooking
The food is ready in no time and you take that bite into your hungry mouth and you say yum to that food.
You don’t know long you take you might eat it fast or you might eat it slow.

By Daniel, Justin, Nicole & Lila

As we plant some trees
I feel the nice breeze
We like to plant and eat carrots
But we hardly see parrots

We like to plant flowers
But never get any powers

When its hot we are allowed to get a drink
and washing hands must only happen in the sink
We don’t work on a farm
neither do we have the charm

We don’t have pigs
but we can grow delicious figs

By Juwan, Wiremu, Krish, Yahya

29th July 2015

Caption This!!!

Room 24 students participated in an activity called ‘Caption This’. Miss Cunningham had put photos of their learning on the Interactive Whiteboard and the students had to be ‘newspaper journalists’ and come up with an interesting and creative caption for each of the photos, in small groups.

Here are some of the many the talented students in Room 24 came up with


‘ Stop! Wait a minute, ignore the camera’
By Niah, Mahkaslyn & Achorite

‘Just touching, okay I will smash it’
By Kamalnain, Kritin, Khartik

‘Get those greens out of here’
By Tomas, Dylan & Ethan


‘ Ignore the camera’
By Raaga, Gus & Yahaya

‘I report a tornado, scones again’
By Emily, Isla & Lila

‘You gotta be kidding me’
By Niah, Mahkaslyn & Achorite

Room 24 has been very busy at Garden to Table this term. To reflect on their learning experiences they have produced a fantastic variety of writing including poems, diary entries, recounts and designing rules. What fantastic work Room 24, well done.

The cool, crisp wind against my freezing face…

Delicious scents floating in the warm kitchen air…

My legs aching as I stand, watching the plants grow…

My mouth watering as I look at some marvellous food…


By Isla Paul

Dear Diary,

I was sitting on the table waiting for the WALT. The WALT was to use cutting tools. We used three cutting tools. First, Hedge shears, second Loppers and last Secateurs. We learned how to use them. Then after lunch, vegetables were on the table as I waited for the instructions. We made a delicious Thai Curry. We put coconut milk, broccoli, squash, red chilli and much more. At last we were sitting down and waiting for the excellent food. We got rice with the curry. Once we had finished eating we washed the plates and in the class we went. After a game the bell rang and we went home. I was very tired after a long fun day!

By Kamalnain

Things are growing,

Food is cooking,

Pollen is blowing,

What is that smell?

That’s coming from the kitchen…

Just wait and see…

Could it be

Just wait to be shown

Cause its something that’s grown…

At Garden to Table

By Beth-Anne

As I walked into the kitchen I saw, Lizzie and Sarah. They are the two lovely ladies that help us cook. I washed my hands in the sink, put on an apron and got on a table. Lizzie asked me to pick up the chopping knife carefully and start cutting the lemon grass. When i gently cut it I could hear it slowly crunching in my ear. I had just finished when Lizzie asked me to cut the lime tree leaf but first she showed me how to do it properly. When I was done I put it in the bowl. All the beautiful vegetables that were in the bowl smelt delicious. I could smell them from my side of the table. Sarah asked us to come over to the vegetables and watch them blend up. We also saw Lizzie stirring the curry paste. I after all got a turn at mixing too. When the curry was ready to eat we watched Lizzie and Sarah serve it in a bowl with rice. it was so good I wished I had some for dinner

Thank you for reading.

By Nicole Gill

Rules in the Garden

  • Wear covered shoes
  • Put tools by your side
  • Listen or you will not know what to do
  • Don’t touch the sharp part of the tool
  • Always walk when you are moving around with a tool
  • Keep your tool away from your head
  • Shut your tool when you are not using it
  • Use the tool correctly
  • Look up when you are walking with a tool, or you might bump into someone and hurt them

Rules in the Kitchen

  • Wear covered shoes at all times
  • Listen to the instructions carefully
  • Don’t play with the oven or stove when it is on
  • Use a knife correctly to cut ingredients
  • Put the right ingredients in the bowl
  • Do not run in the kitchen

By Archorite

10 thoughts on “Room 24

  1. I am impressed with writing by students for this Garden to Table blog. Well done to you all. I think the rules are extremely useful for gardening and working in the kitchen at home. Your poems are interesting to read and capture the ‘sensory symphony’ that takes place when cooking. I can tell from your recounts that there is a lot done in your Garden to Table sessions and you appreciate the people who help.

  2. Room 24 have done such a great job at Garden to Table this year, they do amazing weeding in the garden and cook awesome food in the kitchen. I love their great effort and teamwork keep it up Room 24.

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