Room 3

Term 4

Room 3 is working very hard at Garden to Table. They have made the most delicious pizzas using Rainbow Chard. They have also helped out in the garden by planting some seeds to help grow some vegetables and herbs to use in the kitchen later.

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Rainbow Couscous
In Garden to Table my group was first to go to the garden. In the garden we pulled out roots, my group filled one bucket up.

Garden Wk 1
Then the bell rang and it was my groups turn to go into the kitchen we made Rainbow Couscous, it smelled yummy! Everyone enjoyed it but I did not like the vege’s/fruit and the greenish sauce. Yahya
I love Garden to Table because we go to the orchard to look at the things growing like bananas, berries, feijoas, apples and other fruit. We used fruit in the kitchen, we made ice-cream and yoghurt and it was so yummy and cold.

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