Room 28

This week Room 28 created poems based around making sushi and composting

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S uper Sushi
U nique
S ensational
H ealthy
I love sushi!
Grace R

Coiling Compost
Deep down in the coiling compost, there are worms that eat up all the soil. When they munch and gobble their food they make new compost to help plants grow. While all this is happening, something new is going on. All the dirty wastes of food scraps are emptied into the compost bins. When this happens it gives food for the worms, and when they eat it they give back compost. This is helpful for our garden because it helps our plants grow higher. Higher, higher, higher still the plants grow taller, taller than YOU! This will give use healthy food to eat which makes us tall and grow 5 feet.

Super Sushi
Sushi is a tasty treat for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I know that I could eat it every day. Sushi requires excellent skills because you can use chop sticks. It is very hard and takes lots of practice. At my school in Garden to Table we made sushi. It was made with silverbeet, grated carrot, avocado and last of all, good old rice. When it is finished, it is very colourful. It looks like a bulls eye. Sushi tastes amazing but to give it a little more flavour, you can add WASABI! Just be careful you don’t put too much on, or your nose will blow off and your eyes might start to water. This happened to some boys in my class. They won’t do that again, I tell you that
Isla M

S – some people love sushi no matter what
U – unless it has wasabi and it’s very hot
S – super sushi has flavours like carrot and meat
H – happy sushi is veyr sweet
I – I like sushi!
Imogen K

Room 28 sushi makers all lined up in a row.
29 of them (only the best of the best) cutting, patting, sealing, rolling
What do you think they are doing?
Strolling, molling or is there even a word called souling? NO!
Sushi is the word, the easiest thing to make known to man!
All you do is get a spinach leaf, put down rice and any filling you want and roll it up in a pretty neat bow!
Caution – makes sure it doesn’t blow!
Olive S

Today the 18th, we made sushi. We got carrot and avocado, and rice too. Inside the chard wrapping when we got to eat it, Paige and I had wasabi, it was hot, hot, hot! I was delighted with the food. Guess what?! All this tasty winter food was grown right here at Edendale!
Lily T

Garden to Table
I love table,
table is awesome!
We eat, we cook,
and make things up.
Sarah is helpful,
very helpful,
Lizzie is cool,
very cool,
Garden is awesome,
very awesome!
We plant,
we grow and water flowers.
Jodie is helpful,
very helpful!
Thank you guys,
You are awesome!
Aaliyah C-H

Some photos of Room 28 last week exploring the garden and making scrumptious goodies in the kitchen! They had a great time as always!

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Room 28 have been having such a great time at Garden to Table! Check out some of their photos as they investigate “Garden Foes” in our schools garden and make a delicious lunch of Jerusalem Artichoke Soup and Herb and Cheese Scones to warm them up.

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Eager for Garden to Table

In anticipation for next term Room 28 wrote poems about the what they have been seeing in the Edendale garden this term

Olive S
We grow fresh produce all year round
We pick them up if they fall on the ground
We put them in out baskets and squeeze out all the juice
We cook them, fry them, sear them as they make lovely moose

William B-P
Olive Seasons

Olive on the tree top
Olive on the ground
Olive being picked
Olive being found

Olive being blown
Olive getting wet
Olive swaying side to side
Olive falling off

Olive being roasted
Olive being fried
Olive growing larger
Olive doubled in size

Olive really tiny
Olive really fresh
Olive being sat on
Olive feels best

Imogen K
The garden is pretty and the kitchen is too
Flowers and fruit, veges and soil
The kitchen smells nice when the food starts to boil
In terms 2, 3 and 4, the seniors cook
And in those terms, the year ones read a book
But in term one as you would say
The year ones have the garden to play
In the kitchen with knives is not always fun
But then we’re out in the garden with the sun

Room 28 say goodbye to Garden to Table!

On their last lesson, Room 28 presented a stunning gift to Jodie, Sarah and their helpers. Many students wrote poems, describing the unforgettable time they have had.

Garden to Table is the sugar in the sweets,

Without it we would never meet,

The friends we have now,

Or know how to make such delicious treats

Garden to Table makes the grass grow,

We cook our food fast and eat our food slow,

We plant flowers, seeds, veges and fruit,

But we chat and we talk, we don’t do it mute.

We eat our food sitting on benches,

It’s all very healthy so we don’t need dentures.

Garden to Table melts the ice.

Jodie and Sarah are very nice

Gardening and eating with all our friends,

I hope this fun never ends!

by Katie H


Garden to Table is a sunshine full on fun!

We never know what we are making,

Cooking food, or sometimes baking.

We always find out new things every time

Putting citrus fruits in like oranges, lemons and limes.

We sometimes don’t know if we are going to have the same helpers as before,

Which makes me guess more and more.

If people haven’t done it before, they might find it cool,

Not doing it at home, but doing it at school

by Lina-Miri


Garden to Table; the cauldron of creation

We make healthy delicious food every time,

Arranging plants from lemon to lime.

Digging up weeds to save plants,

Making food so exciting we ought to dance.

Having fun throughout our learning,

Garden to Table is a star in the sky.

Preserving food in the fridge,

Finding surprises across the bridge.

We are all in for a treat,

We try to avoid cooking meat.

Everything we try, YUM! YUM! YUM!

Fruits, veges, plants, GALORE!

It’s all fantastic, we just want more!

Digging a hole in the group,

It’s not over yet, so stick around.

Garden to Table is the diamond on my ring,

Garden to Table is the autumn leaves on a tree.

Different ingredients like pine and lime,

Working together all the time.

Eating food at the end of the day,

Jodie and Sarah are here to stay!

We all have fun at what we do,

And I hope YOU do too!

by Andrew C

Garden to Table 2013
In Term 2 Tuakana Team has been learning about how to test soil for nutrients and the importance of feeding the soil to ensure a strong and healthy plant growth. They have also been busy learning how to divide edible plants into cultural families.

Room 28 enthusiastically making Carrot and Sunflower Seed Bread

Drought??? What drought?

Students in room 28 help to solve the drought problem at school. No doubt!

Here is some writing from Room 28 students about how to save water in the garden

WALT: Identify an effective way to save water and keep our school gardens healthy

SC: Explain, draw and label the effective way Jodie saves water when watering our gardens

Rosemary writes:


Jodie waters our gardens by sticking plastic bottles in the ground so that the water gets to the roots rather than fighting through the top soil so that the plants can grow properly and stay nice and green.

I think that this is a very good idea so that we can save water and recycle at the same time.

Katie writes:


New Zealand is currently experiencing a drought. So to save water in our gardens Jodie does a very clever thing. She puts drink containers in the ground in amongst the plants. This way if it rains any water goes straight to the roots of the plant without having to battle through the hard outer layer of earth. This also means no water is wasted.

Miles writes:


Jodie waters our school gardens by sticking plastic bottles in the ground so when it rains, or when the dew rises from the ground, the bottle collects all the water. Then all the water dribbles out into the soil. Jodie uses plastic bottles because it takes a very long time for plastic to degrade into the ground.

Genetics Programme self-assessments (June/July 2012)

I learned how to extract DNA from a banana. I can now understand five genetic terms. I know how to use universal indicator and I can read a pH. I can say if I am a supertaster, a normal taster or a non-taster.

I would have enjoyed spending more time on and discovering more about taste buds.

I’d like to know how to get the pH of our own DNA. I’d also like to know if you can take the DNA of a dinosaur and then recreate one!

Thanks so much for the wonderful opportunity! It has been great! I’ve learned so many things and it’s been heaps of fun! I will never forget it! Katie

I learned how to extract DNA, the process of mitosis, about allele (variation of a gene), about DNA, chromosomes and Chromosone 15. I’d like to know more about the process of mitosis and that’s all. Stella

Our Thoughts about GTT

Over the last two terms we have been gardening and cooking and the result is, that students at Edendale love it. Sarah, Judy, Irene, Amy and Katie  are fantastic GTT teachers; I hope they always stay at Edendale. My favourite part in the kitchen is cooking new dishes and making and trying them. My favourite part in gardening is planting fresh plants  and sometimes even seeds and watering them with glistening blue water. Throughout the two terms we have been making: Rosemary flatbread, apple crumble with custard, passionfruit cupcakes, mini pizzas, frittatas, Falafels, feijoa cupcakes, tomato salad with tomato vinaigarette, green salad, pumpkin salad and herb yoghurt. I just love doing GTT. Alisha

On Thursday 17 May R.28 went to GTT, which is an activity where we garden and cook those vegetables and fruits that we have planted to make different kinds of foods. My two favourites were mini pizzas; I liked them because of the melted cheese and we ate it when it was really warm. The apple crumble with custard was also delicious because of the custard which was yummy. Ideas we’d like to see in the garden include fake flower windmills because they would spin in the wind and look nice. A small sundial so we could see the time when it was morning tea and lunch, a shelter to keep us dry in wet weather and a bird bath, bird feeders and a scarecrow.  Birds could play in and drink the water, they could eat from the bird feeders so they wouldn’t eat the seeds we planted and a scarecrow just to make sure they don’t eat our seeds! Ahmed

Over the last two terms we have been gardening and cooking. Our gardening teachers are Jodie, Kim, Amy and Katie and our cooking teachers are Sarah and Irene. Do you know what a compost lasagne is? If not, read on…

What pops into your head when you hear the word ‘garden’? Vegetables, soil, or dirt? Well if you thought that was all, you’re wrong. Gardening is more than that; it is a type of art you have to work hard to achieve your goal.In this case it is delicious fruit and vegetables. By the way a compost lasagne is made from layers of different biodegradable materials. Examples are: fruit and vegetable scraps, grass clippings, paper and wood chips.

The table part of GTT is really cool and yummy because of course you can eat it! Here are some of the foods we have made. My favourite three have been rosemary flatbread, feijoa muffins and apple crumble. These were my favourite three because they consisted of all my favourite fruits and my favourite herb. Overall I think GTT is a great opportunity for us to learn the importance of gardening and cooking. By the way, the importance of gardening is so you know how to do it when you grow up and to feel the achievement . The importance of cooking is that we need to know how to look after and feed ourselves when we grow up. Stella

I walk up the outside stairs to the kitchen with the rest of my class, R.28; we’re all happy and excited. Today we’ll be gardening with Jodie and cooking with Sarah. My group, the Tap Dancing Tomatoes are in the garden first. Each group is split again into a red group and a blue group. The red group is first with Jodie in the garden, the blue group will stay with Jodie’s helpers Amy and Katie. With Jodie, we go to the back of Endeavour block to measure how long the garden needs to be for when plants get added in and others taken out. For every metre measured we put in a short bamboo stick. The air is filled with the smell of damp earth. It begins to rain, we go up on the verandah to shelter. Jodie gets us to show her how long we think a metre is, using our arms. We go back up to the kitchen to plant  three long cauliflower seeds in a black half-filled carton. The seeds look like tiny yellow beads. The smells from the other side of the room are dizzying, Next we go with Katie to write a wish list for what we want for the back of Endeavour Team, sculptures and windmills to name a few. The bell rings shrilly and… off to lunch, kitchen next, yay!

After lunch we troop noisily up to the kitchen again. This time the Tap Dancing Tomatoes are cooking. We wash our hands, slip on an apron and clip our name tags on, In the kitchen we are only separated into tables today. One table is making mini feijoa cupcakes and the other a falafel. I’m on the falafel table. We chop onions, rip herbs, crush garlic and spoon out spices, blitz it all in the food processor and spoon it into small balls to fry. WOW! it smells fantastic. The cupcakes go in the oven and we start to clean up. Salad is dished out on plates and we picnic on the floor. The falafel is served with pickle and salad – tastes great! We get two cupcakes as we leave; they are delicious, soft on the inside and crispy on the outside. Perfect!

So there you have it, one perfect GTT. Something different every fortnight! New flavours and sensations. New experiences in flavour and gardening. reaching somewhere new every time. Yup, that’s Garden to Table (GTT). Katie

On Thursday 17 May we had GTT; when we got up to the kitchen, Sarah told us we were going to make some feijoa muffins and falafels. I was so excited. First we cut up the onions and I smashed the garlic. I could smell the feijoas – they smelled divine. I could smell the soil from the gardening people close by. Once the herbs were cut we put the garlic, onions, herbs and chickpeas into the blender so that  they would mix together and we could shape them into small balls. The sound of the blender was very loud. Sarah placed the falafels in the pot; I could hear and smell the sizzling sound of the falafels cooking. We also made some balsamic and honey sauce to put with salad and the falafels. The food tasted really good, delicious! Mila

Yesterday we made some magnificent food with Sarah at GTT. We made falafels with salad and also feijoa muffins. You could almost taste the feijoas cooking; the smell was just divine! When we did get to taste the food, we were amazed! The food tasted even better than it smelled. We were all so proud of ourselves at the end that we couldn’t have cared less that we had to walk back to class in the cold rain.  One day, at GTT, I want to make banana chocolate cake because I like chocolate cake. Sabine

10 thoughts on “Room 28

  1. Hi Room 28 – I just wanted to tell you I loved reading about your GTT experiences, you all sound as if you are enjoying it and learning so much. Also, to let you know – (Sabine), we have 4 bunches of bananas growing in the orchard and one should be ready to harvest in the next few weeks so I can see you might be soon making that banana chocolate cake. if you look on the orchard blog you can see some photos of them.
    Karen Ward (orchard lady 🙂

  2. I loved reading about your cooking experiences. When reading I could almost smell the feijoa muffins and cupcakes!

  3. I was very interested in what you did in the Genetics programme and learning you are a ‘supertaster’ would have been a highlight. Are there any ‘supertasters’ in your family?

  4. Rosemary, Katie and Miles – thanks for the good ideas about how we can use water. After the dry weather we need to think about not wasting water. Jodie has so many good ideas to share about growing fruit and vegetables.

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