Food for Thought Programme

Food for Thought is Edendale’s gardening and cooking programme for students in Years 0-4.

In the Food for Thought programme students participate in learning everything from healthy eating to fostering respect for the environment. The programme acts as a fantastic stepping stone into the Garden to Table programme.

Students in Year 2 have been writing about the plants they grew last term

I Grew A Plant by Jared F

First we got a pot and drew a face on it. Then we put soil in the pot and sprinkled cress seed on the soil. Next we covered the seeds with soil and we put them in the tray. We watered the plants and put them in the sun. The plants grew fast and big.

I Planted a Seed by David R

First we got a pot a pot and drew a face on it. Then we all had a turn scooping soil into the pot. I put in some cress seeds. We put some more soil in the pot. We put it in the sun and put it in water. It grew bigger and bigger. We made it into a sandwich.

Many of our fruit trees at Edendale have started to bear fruit. It is very exciting as for some classes this is the first time their tree has begun to fruit. Due to the very hot weather students have needed to water their tree that little bit extra to keep it happy. I’m sure every drop has been appreciated.

Room 5’s Kawano Mandarin tree, known as ‘Mandy’ to the class, was one of the first to produce fruit. Although a small tree in stature Mandy is flourishing and looking as healthy as ever. No doubt all the care and attention given by the Room 5 students has contributed to Mandy’s successful crop. Well done Room 5!

Room 6 have been enjoying the opportunity to adopt their very own lemonade tree, one of many fruit trees planted throughout Edendale.

Yesterday Room 6 went to the bottom field to visit our Lemonade Tree. It is located by the swimming pool fence and opposite the other trees. I noticed the Lemonade Tree had no lemons. It needed to grow a little bit more. The lines on the leaves looked like fish bones. There were different shades of green like pale, light and dark. The oval shaped leaves looked like huge passionfruit. Mr Bell took a photo of the tree. I like our Lemonade Tree. By Charlie


Last Friday Room 10 went down to the orchard and Isla’s Mum picked bananas. They were green but there were some yellow ones too. When they finished they cut the whole banana tree down. It was really, really fun! By Lyla-Ann

First we went down to the orchard. Then we watched Karin cut off some bananas. Karin went to cut some bananas while Mrs Procter was holding the ladder.  By Tasman

Last week we went down to the orchard and we saw Karen, Rosemary and Mrs Procter. Mrs Procter held the ladder and we saw Karen cutting down the bananas. By William

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