Room 5

6th November 2015

Room 5 had a spectacular time at Garden to Table this term. They have put their thoughts into writing. Here are a few of their recounts explaining their learning and skills.

Super work Room 5!!

Garden to Table
Hi, I’m Eva and we’ve been learning lot of things in Garden to Table. First we got into groups, group 1 was in the Kitchen and group 2 was in the garden. I was in group 2 with Caitlin, Megan Connor, John, Jack, Radhika, Shania, Krisha, Bill and Hunter. Our teacher in the garden was Cathy. We started by writing the date and WALT.

Next we were separated into groups of 3 and I was grouped with Caitlin and Megan. Each group was given a windmill. We took turns to find the windy sports where the wind blew hard!

Thirdly, we got a compass, each team had one. So we had to find North and East. Our team found it first.

After we got a thermometer and then we had to sit in a circle so it could get warm and then my one got higher it went to 22°C. Then we went to go to a cod space and our one went lower to 15°C.

Then we got a rain gage where you got a measuring cup and you had to put it outside and we didn’t’ think it would rain so Cathy just poured in some water and then we poured it out into the garden.

So that was my time in the garden with Cathy.
By Eva Vakalahi
Room 5

Garden to Table
In week 2 we had Garden to Table on Thursday. I was in the garden first. In the garden we learnt about weather instruments. The weather instruments were a windmill, compass, thermometer and rain gage. We were put in groups of three. First we used the windmill to tell which way the wind was coming from. Secondly, we used the compass and walked anywhere on the court to look at the direction. Thirdly we used the thermometer check the temperature. Lastly, we used the rain gage to see how much rain there was, but there was no rain.

After lunch we went to the kitchen, my favourite part! I didn’t know what we were making, so Sarah told us. We were going to make Beetroot falafels! They sounded delicious to me. Kate Furze was there too. First we added some ingredients in a bowl. Then we put all the ingredients in the bowl into a machine. After that we put it in the over to cook for some time. Then we ate it with yoghurt and mint.

It was delicious!!!

By Krisha Parikh
Room 5

Garden to Table

By Amy

We walked up to Garden to Table,

our feet went stamp, stamp, stamp.

When we get to the kitchen

we wash our hands wash, wash, wash.

We put on our apron and tie them up tie, tie, tie.

We start to chop the vegetables chop, chop, chop.

We the roll the pastry roll, roll, roll.

We put the tart in the oven sizzle, sizzle, sizzle.

Finally we take the tart out and it is ready to eat.

Munch, munch, munch!

Yum, Yum, Yum.

That was a scrumptious vege tart.

Garden to Table

By Jack Lucas

Chop, chop, chop goes the knife.

Stir, stir, stir goes the spoon.

Roll, roll, roll goes the pastry.

Sizzle, sizzle, sizzle goes the pot on the stove.

Munch, munch, munch go the kids at Garden to Table.

Garden to Table

By Lucy

Greatly appreciate Sarah and Jodi.

Awesome food we grow and eat.

Really fresh veges from the garden.

Digging deep to plant the seeds.

Endless amount of food to eat.

Never a dull moment at Garden to Table.

Tremendous fun.

Oh, what a treat.

Treats and savories for us to eat.

Amazing chopping skills we learn.

Banana and chocolate scroll my favourite to eat.

Love to get our hands dirty in the garden.

Eggplants and aubergines are the same but can have a different name.

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