Room 7


Term 4 kicks off with a wizz, bang, pop as students make delicious food.

Room 7 was chomping at the bit to start at Garden to Table in term 4. They have weathered the storm of terms two and three and have had the chance to get back into the garden and kitchen. Here are some photos of them in action. I love the use of their mathematical skills to weigh all the ingredients properly.

Room 7 in action: April 2014

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WALT: Use a variety of seasonal produce. In Room 7 last week, students made ‘Basil Vinaigrette’ and ‘Rainbow Couscous’. From our school garden they used sweet corn, basil, black cherry tomatoes, cucumber, mint and beans. YUM!

Here are a few photos of their afternoon in the sun!

3 thoughts on “Room 7

  1. Good to hear that Room 7 is keen to get back into cooking and gardening. The calendula flowers are colourful and useful for making a dish look wonderful. This is a good time to work in the garden.

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