Room 23

October 2015

Garden to Table is very fun. In the garden I think it is interesting to learn about the plants we get to plant, use mulch and learn how to plant correctly. Other times we get to learn how to use tools and get our tool license. At the kicthen we use lots of yummy ingredients to make really delicious foods. We follow the method and simple instructions. We have used lost of vegetables, liquids, solids, flours and spices. At the end we wait for the food to be handed out and then we are lucky enough to eat our delicious creations. In Garden to Table next year I would like to learn more about how much space each type of plant needs to grow well and how long it takes for plants to grow.
By Stella  


Student engagement is at an all time high here at Edendale. Our students have been learning how to create a delectable vegetable stock which can be used as a base for a lot of different soups and sauces. This time they used it as a base for a Jerusalem artichoke soup. To accompany this they have whipped up an old classic of focaccia bread which makes the taste buds dance with excitement and is perfect to dip into the their lovely homemade soup.

The students have also been exploring how to grow their own lunches. They have researched the seasonality of different vegetables, and looked at creating menus using these vegetables.

May 17th

Room 23 have shown their strength this term when preparing and planting the garden beds. A massive effort was required to to break the soil using spades so that the soil would be ready for new plants. This is important work so that the kitchen has enough ingredients to feed the hungry masses who learn to create delectable food there. This time in the kitchen the students of Room 23 explored the concepts of measurement. They learnt the differences between teaspoons and tablespoons and cups and grams.

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8 thoughts on “Room 23

  1. Well done Room 23 for your hard work in the gardens. Also I am impressed to hear about your use of measurement in the kitchen. It is a great way to learn how to measure accurately and its importance in day to day living.

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