Room 26

30th October 2015

Last term room 26 and I did Garden to Table every second Thursday. When I first went to Garden to Table I could smell the marvellous smells and see mysterious foods. I wondered what incredible dishes Sarah had in mind and what new things Jodie had to teach us this year. In the kitchen I discovere different fruits and vegetables such as squash which I thought had the texture, taste and smell of pumpkin and kumara. In the garden I had the pleasure of learning how to use tools such as secateurs and I earned my tool license. I’ll miss the smells of sweet and savoury that lightened up my mood. I’ll miss planting and harvesting foods that put delight and health into my food. And most of all, I’ll miss Sarah and Jodie.I can’t wait until next year when I’ll be able to discover more peculiar but delicious foods and use those fun and crazy tools again next year.   

By Heather Smith

24th August 2015

Fun in the Sun!!!

As we see more sunshine and less grey clouds, our days are brighter and the students creative juices are definitely flowing. On Friday 21st August Rooms 26 and 24 took advantage of the beautiful warm afternoon. Their task was to come up with some form of creative writing based on nature. Here is some of their spectacular writing

In the kitchen i can smell
Strong fabulous flavours bursting in my mind
In the garden we could see tiny insects
I feel nice and soft dough and super hot samosas
I can taste the vegetables, i could even taste the hot hilli in the samosas

By Marcelle, Brelina, Kamalnain, Raaga

Red juicy strawberries melting in your mouth
They’re so delicious they don’t grow by themselves
If they go brown you need to look out
Because they’ll go rotten

Starting from their sprouts
In the garden strawberries grow ripe
Then we cook them in many different types

Cooking strawberries is so much fun
It will make you want to run
But lookout don’t add too much sugar
Or you’ll see ants jumping out the jar

By Bianca, Azaleah, Ethan, Violet & Heather

May 2015

Room 26 identified a number of similarities and differences between the slightly varied Feijoa Cupcakes. They listed their ideas and attempted to justify them.

WALT: Compare and contrast brown sugar and white sugar Feijoa Cakes

Differences – Brown Sugar

  • Brown sugar cupcakes were more of a browner colour once cooked in comparison to the white sugar cupcakes because the brown sugar is browner in colour and may have added the tint of brown to the cupcakes
  • The brown sugar cupcakes tasted a little bit sweeter than the white sugar cupcakes because the brown sugar caramelised for a longer time when it was cooked on the stove
  • The brown sugar cupcakes were a little bit tougher then the white sugar cakes when we held them in our palms because the sugar might have  had a different reactionDifferences – White Sugar
  • The White sugar cupcakes looked like they had raised more when cooked in the oven because white sugar is more commonly used in baking
  • When eating the white sugar cupcakes, you could slightly taste the grains of the sugar in your mouth, but when you ate the brown sugar ones you couldn’t  because the white sugar grains were large, the brown sugar grains could hardly be seen
  • The white sugar cupcakes had a stronger Feijoa scent in comparison to the brown sugar cupcakes because the brown sugar ones smelt a little bit like caramelSimilarities

  • The flavour of the Feijoas was very powerful in both the cupcakes
  • The texture of both cupcakes was very moist when we took a bite into it
  • We used the exact same method when baking these cupcakes, even though we used two different types of sugars

Heather had a go at writing a poem about Foccacia Bread

When this delicious bread touches your lips
You feel a feeling not felt before
You would give any amount of tips
For this delightful bread

You might look at it
And say “YUCK! NO!”
But when the people taste it
Go “WOW! Mmm!”
You walk away,
Filled with woe
Because of this delightful bread.

Oil, salt,
Rosemary too.
The marvelous look
Will make you go “Oooh!”
But the taste,
Not the sight,
Oh the charming taste
Of this delightful bread.

Now the story is told
Of Focaccia bread
Will make you grow cold
Of hunger and need

By Heather

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  1. I think lots of schools should have garden to table because it is so cool and is a great experience for kids

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