Building a Boxed Garden

Have you been inspired to start gardening, however lack the garden to begin with? Well, I’m going to talk you through how to make and set up your own raised boxed garden so that you can begin to discover the joy of the Garden to Table experience.

Building a Boxed Garden

You will need:

2 pieces of macrocarpa (untreated) timber, 200mm high by 50mm deep and 2.1 metres long.

2 piece of macrocarpa (untreated) timber, 200mm high by 50mm deep and 700mm long.

Have the store cut the wood to length to save you time.






A battery drill






9mm drill bit

9mm drill bit





32mm spade bit

Spade bit





13mm screw bit

Screw bit




Coach screws m8 x 100 (buy 24)

Coach screw





And now the process:

Step 1: Measure from the ends of your long timber pieces, 200mm in and 500mm down, and mark with a cross using a pencil.

photo 1-2





Step 2: Using your 32mm spade bit, drill small holes at the crossed mark, to allow the screws to be easily screwed in later.


photo 2-2




Step 3: Join one long piece of timber with the end of one of the small pieces of timber so that the edges match up. Using your battery drill and 9mm drill bit, drill a hole through each of the holes you pre-drilled (with your spade bit) into the small piece of timber.

photo 3-2





Step 4: Use the 13mm screw bit on your battery drill to screw the screws in so that the two pieces of wood are tightly joined together. Repeat on all four sides of planting box until the box is completed.

photo 4





Step 5: Choose a flat area of the garden where you want to the box to go, and fill with a good soil and compost mix. I have used a mixture of zoo doo, compost and soil. Now you are ready to start your own garden.

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2 thoughts on “Building a Boxed Garden

  1. I am very impressed with you making your own garden bed. There is nothing like getting
    vegetables straight from your own garden. Well done Jonathan!!

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