Room 2

25th November

While some of the students in Room 2 have made an incredible effort to keep our gardens beautiful the others have been using the fresh produce to create some divine dishes throughout Term 4.
During one of their writing sessions Room 2 looked at the importance of using interesting adjectives to describe the mouth watering meals they made.
Beetroot falafels with mint yoghurt sauce
Delightful Edendale-made crunchy beetroot nuggets with delicious smooth, minty sauce. (Aryamaan)
Devine strawberry-red beetroot falafels with a forest green mint yoghurt swirly sauce (Betty)
Beetroot falafels with a creamy top of smashing delicious mint yoghurt sauce (Sophie S)
Crispy beetroot falafels with a delicious mint yoghurt sauce (Daniel)
Delicious crimson coloured falafels with an enjoyable creamy mint yoghurt sauce (Olive)
Scrumptious beetroot falafel with a creamy textured and fluffy mint sauce (Irahli)
Organic beetroot from Edendale’s gorgeous garden with an emerald-green mint yoghurt sauce (Romi)

Homemade pasta with leeks, broccoli and kale pesto
Delicious, divine pasta with fresh leeks  (Riddhi)
Shredded pasta with a smashing texture and served with a spoonful of delightful pesto (Irahli)
Home cooked pasta with leeks fresh from the garden. Kale pesto mixed with vegetables (Pankti)
Smooth tasty homemade pasta with wonderful filling broccoli and kale sauce (Tejal)

Vegetable Soup with Fresh Baked Spinach Rolls
Mind-blowing vegetable soup smashed together with a fresh spinach crunchy bun (Romi)

27th October

Last week Room 2  had a spectacular time at Garden to Table. This class has been exploring a number of weather tools to help them predict the weather. I wonder if Summer is on its way? The weather is definitely getting warmer! They used thermometers to measure the air temperature along with a compass to identify a number of  directions.

In the kitchen these fantastic students have been discovering different textures of foods. They have also looked at a number of sides that can be served with their scrumptious beetroot fritters. Keep up the excellent work Room 2, we are looking forward to your next discoveries.

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