Room 23

On the 29th July, we did Garden to Table. My group started in the kitchen and we made salsify fritters. If you don’t know what salsify is, it is a vegetable. We didn’t just use salsify, we used heaps more ingredients. Salsify was the main ingredient. They tastes excellent. We got them served with delicious harvest sauce which made them superb. After lunch, I went in the garden. We plants garlic chives. Then we learnt about reducing, reusing, recycling and upcycling. In the reduce column there was landfills. In the reuse column there was “posts” and in the recycle/upcycle column there was pipes, pellets and compost. It showed there was lots of things to reduce, reuse, recycle and upcycle
Danny F


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Jerusalem Artichokes: Harvest and Meal Preparation

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Here are some pieces of writing about what we have been doing in Garden to Table so far this term. Wow are we excited to be back, we are learning some really exciting things with Sarah and Jodie. Read on to find out all about it

The Bug Hotels
Near the rugby field there are little boxes with sticks, cans and dirt. These are the bug hotels. We made them so we can help our good predators like the caterpillars. Here is a short story…
Once there was a little caterpillar that was all alone and had no friends to play with. He saw a hotel across from his new house. He saw lots of people. He saw caterpillars in them! He though of getting his money back from his new house and spending it on one of the hotels. So come on caterpillars and bugs. Come in our hotels!
Keeru R

On Tuesday the 13th of May we did Garden to Table. All of the class were very excited. My group had to find and identify pests in the garden, we looked for aphids, slugs, snails, birds, wasps, caterpillars, moths, grubs, slaters and more. These are all the different “Garden Foe”. We went to lunch next and before I knew it I was walking up the stairs to start cooking and I was cutting up artichokes.
Some other people were cutting vegetables. Next we started making the scones. I poured in the milk. Next we made the shape for our scones. Then we wrote the WALT (We Are Learning To), which was mastering our knife skills. Then we ate our soup and put the scones in our bags to take home. Yum! When I got home I ate them.
Danny F

I think Garden to Table is a great way of seeing how a garden works and creating yummy food like soups, scones and many more. I have listened and learnt so much
Nicholas B

Last Tuesday we went to Garden to Table! My group went to the kitchen first, what we made was delicious scones and soup. The soup was nice and the scones were nice but together they were FANTASTIC! The only thing that I didn’t like about the soup and the scones was we couldn’t have more of it. But when we made it, it was fun. The but that was the most fun about making the food was that I could mash them up with my (washed) hands. After we ate it all up the bell rang and then it was time to go and play, but I knew we were going tot have more fun after lunch.
It was after lunch, and I went racing to the garden. We did the WALT (We Are Learning To) and went and tried to find things on our list. We went walking for a bit until we got to the orchard. I love the orchard is fascination with lots of fruit

Gabby M

Garden to Table Poem
Working together with everyone,
is as good as when the food is done.
Bugs and insect you might meet,
and when your cooking is a treat.
Seeing new things and trying food,
puts you in a happy mood.
And when you think it’s over now,
be prepared to say WOW!
Digging holes and planting new things,
it’s really bad when you get a bee sting.
All the plants that you see in the garden,
almost look like little green martians.
Why do we only get Garden to Table once a fortnight?
Just thinking about it gives me a fright!

Andrew C
Here are some pictures of our class creating the cool sculptures outside our classroom

With help from Jodie, we have created a vibrant sculpture made from milk bottle tops for outside our classroom.

Our environmental programme Garden to Table .Aka (GTT)
Hi my name is Amaia, and I am a student from Edendale Primary and I am also a Year 6 student. So I have spent nearly six years at this school, I love learning, thinking and creating things here. But all of a sudden my life changed in Year 5, just because of Garden to Table! Well at Garden to Table it was a whole new experience for me, and if you want to hear my experiences you should really read on; have fun!
At Garden to Table we grow fruits, we weed, cook new healthy foods and always, I mean ALWAYS have to clean up at the end because it keeps the place clean and also keeps the place not looking like a maniacs mess. We have very great teachers to teach us these things to us. Their names are Sarah and Jodie; they are very kind and generous.
The Garden to Table room has a very friendly atmosphere, with colourful paintings behind the ovens (made by our students, helped by art teacher Kusam.) Last year, we earned some licenses called a tool licenses and also a knife license. These licenses give us permission to use a knife in the kitchen and the tools that the school provides us with. In the kitchen we have utensils, ovens, fridges and microwaves; we cook spectacular foods with these things. Also we have a tool shed to keep all our tools in for when we need to plant beautiful fruits, veggies,flowers and spices for our cooking (or to keep the gardens looking springful).
Garden to Table is not only found in NZ’s schools, but also in Australia too. Garden to Table was first created in Australia then brought to NZ. But in our school our kitchen is located in the middle of the school. Our kitchen is on top of the staff room and next to our computer room. Our gardens are located next to the stairs leading to the library, on our bottom field and in the Year 1 and 2’s court area. If you want to know where our tool shed is, well it is right next to the teacher’s room.
At Garden to Table we don’t just do your average cooking and gardening, we also help grow things for our school environmental gardens. We’ve also have made seasonal dishes in the kitchen, for example we have made an autumn themed dish that the teachers were really proud of. The dish we did was a pumpkin and chickpea curry and a pumpkin pie it was delicious! I have never tried that in my whole life it was a great experience that I will never forget.
For my conclusion I’ve enjoyed my time at Garden to Table and trying new things in GTT. I would like to say that I hope one day that the world will at least recognise this very special programme for kids all over the world to try these new things.
Amaia Room 23

Room 23 in action this week! I had a great time seeing what they were all up to! (Rosemary)

Tuesday 12th March 2013

If we do not use water wisely our plants will have too much water and they will not grow properly. We have to save seeds that don’t have F1 in them.
One thing I love about Garden to Table is cooking and eating the food that we cook. Garden to Table teaches us how to read our recipe and how to measure ingredients. When using a knife we must never touch the sharp part of the knife. I would like to learn more about growing plants and creating food dishes from different cultures. Hima Room 23

In Garden to Table this term I have learnt about how water and sunlight makes plants grow. I have also learnt how to choose and pick the right strawberries for cooking. I have enjoyed growing and picking the vegetables in our garden and using them to create great meals. Egypt Room 23

In Garden to Table we are learning about how to save seeds. If you get a seed packet and it says F1 on it that means you can’t save those seeds.But if it does not say F1 on it then you can save them for the next season.
In cooking we are learning to use our taste buds to decided which ingredients makes food taste better. Some of the things we can add to make food taste better are sugar, butter and chocolate chip.
In Garden to Table I would like to learn a lot more about how to save seeds and use water wisely. Rushit Room 23

Tuesday 28th August 2012

Dear Diary

Today I was gardening and the first thing we did was look at a leaf with a microscope. We looked closely and there were tiny, tiny insects on the leaves. After that we went outside and got some hay to put in wooden vegetable boxes. Abele

Wednesday 15th August 2012

Yesterday we made Bubble and Squeak for Cooking. They were like potato cakes or hash browns. My favourite bit of it was chopping up garlic. They tasted so delicious that I wanted seconds.

Tuesday 28th August 2012

Today for Garden to Table we cooked potato gnocchi, fennel and sautéed rainbow chard and leeks. I did the potato gnocchi. It was potato, salt and flour. I liked mashing the potato. It was so delicious I wanted seconds and guess what? I got seconds! After lunch we looked at some sucking insects through a microscope and then we put hay over a garden. It was very cool seeing real mould, not just in a picture. I also liked steering the wheelbarrow. Callen

Tuesday 14th August 2012

Dear Diary

Today at Garden to Table we made potato and cabbage bubble and squeak. In it we put potato, spring onion, cabbage and carrot. Now I know why it is called Bubble and Squeak because it bubbles and squeaks as it cooks. We had it with our Green Tomato Chutney, it was delicious. Sharnah

Tuesday 28th August 2012

Dear Diary

In the gardening session we first looked at sucker bugs. The first bug we looked at was an aphid, it looked like a very small insect and the second sucker bug was called a scale insect, it was like a bump stuck to a leaf. Then we drew pictures of sucker bugs and their predators including the human finger! Max

Tuesday 28th August 2012

Dear Diary

On Tuesday 28th of August in Gardening, we went up to the Garden to Table room to study bad sucking insects. Afterwards went down to the raised beds and got hay for them. We had to be careful of the white powder, spores, they were called. In cooking we made potato gnocchi and fennel with sautéed vegetable salad. The potato gnocchi looked like dumpling but tasted like potato, Yummy! Emilie

17th July 2012

Dear Diary

For gardening we had to get into two groups, we were told to make a bird feeder to stop the birds eating our plants. To make it we used a whole plastic bottle, a stick, a piece of wire, scissors, pen and some bird seed.

First from the bottom of the bottle we measured 5cm and then with a pin, poked a little hole and with the scissors we cut a medium sized hole and put a stick through for the birds to stand on. Then we measured up another 5 cm and cut a bigger hole so the birds could put their beaks through and lastly at the top, with the pin we poked a hole and stuck the wire right through it to make a handle. Then we poured all the bird seed into it and hung it in a tree. Jareen

Wednesday 15th August 2012

At Garden to Table we made seed bombs and if you think they explode, you’re wrong! They get dropped on the soil and the rain melts them down to seed, there are so many seeds in them. To make the bomb, we got clay and mixed it with compost and seed and left it to dry.

In the kitchen we made Bubble and Squeak, which are like hash browns but with lots of vegetables. In the past we had made chutney so we mixed it with some chutney and it was de-li-cious! BPPB

10 thoughts on “Room 23

  1. I have enjoyed reading about your cooking and gardening. I like the idea of chutney with Bubble and Squeak. I like the instructions for making the bird feeder and seed bombs. These were very informative. Please keep on writing your diary as it is very interesting to hear what you are doing.

  2. I am wondering where you threw your seed bombs and if there has been enough rain so the mud has melted away and the seeds have started to germinate. Please let us know where you put your seed bombs. It might be worth a look!!

  3. I loved reading about the learning you have been doing in Garden to Table. I think it is very important to learn about how to wisely use water as we have had so little. When I was reading about the cooking students have been doing, I got hungry!

  4. Aunty Robyn here, such a lot of wonderful garden and kitchen learning going on. Emilie I think it’s your turn to cook lunch next time

  5. To Amaia: I learned a lot about Garden to Table and what you have done in the sessions you have had. Cooking and gardening are both important and it was good to hear about your experiences. To Egypt, Hima and Rushit: It was good to read what you have learned about the importance of sunlight and water in growing vegetables from seedlings.

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