Room 25

September 23rd 2015

The students in Room 25 had their last lesson of Garden to Table at Edendale Primary. A mix of emotions were expressed. Many of the students were grateful for the opportunities they have had over the years, while others were a little sad that all the rich learning experiences have come to an end.

As the students reflected on the delicious Jerusalem Artichoke Risotto they made, they created posters with excellent justifications as to why all schools should have Garden to Table.


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August 5th 2015

After some very careful reflection about Garden to Table, Room 25 students felt that all schools  should have the Garden to Table programme at their school. Using their persuasive writing skills some of the students wrote some very interesting and must I say very persuasive justifications as to why all schools should participate.

Here is an example by Deboprana!

Dear Schools,

My name is Deboprana. I am a student of Edendale Primary School. I am today writing this letter to convince you how important Garden to Table is and why it should be in all schools.

Firstly, Garden to Table is an educational session that we have every two weeks. I guarantee that your pupils of your school will love this opportunity. It is educational because it teaches children how they can cook, use different gardening tools, garden plants properly, learn different cooking skills and lots more.

Secondly, it is important because this teaches children how to be sustainable. For example; they learn how to make use of leftover vegetables or how to use plants growing in our house. So this is useful.

Thirdly, it is fun! It can be educational, but it is fun. This is a good way so children would do the work but would have fun.

Another reason is that, it lets children learn lots of new recipes. This can come handy if they don’t like to eat the same thing again and again.

Finally children learn different ways to use tools, if it is kitchen tools or gardening ones. This is useful at home or when children are outside.

To conclude, I would like to say that don’t let this opportunity get out of your hand. It is important to do study and even other social activities too.

Kind Regards

May 27th 2015

Room 25 this week became master chefs in the kitchen. They explored the flavours of a variety of aromatics when cooking.  They were introduced to a unique ingredient, the Tahitian Squash. The students used this to cook up a mouth watering Green Thai Curry.

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Out in the garden the students have been learning to safely use cutting tools. They also learnt the correct technique to handle and store these tools to ensure the tools are well looked after.
A fantastic effort Room 25!!

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April 2015

Can you guess all the different senses they are using?

When the Focaccia bread came out of the oven the smell was overwhelming. It was like any other bread smell but it had hints of olive oil and rosemary. You could smell it was freshly baked. It felt soft and squishy when I first picked it up and when I pulled part of it off there was a small cracking sound from the crust. As we ate, the room was filled with happy compliments about the delicious Focaccia, the tomato chutney and the basil pesto. The bread tasted very olive oily and the herbs in the basil pesto made it slightly spicy. The tomato chutney was slightly salty and both had lovely textures. The Focaccia looked and tasted delicious.

By Eva Wadsworth

The delicious, scrumptious Italian dish.

Hey everyone, you really, REALLY should try that awesome Italian Focaccia bread dish. You just can’t imagine a plain old kind of bread to be that nice.

The food was finally ready! The smell was indescribable, for it smelt of the tomato chutney, the herb pesto and the rich flour of the bread. The food was warm and soft, it nearly sounded and felt like an air mattress losing its air! The taste, the whole school should try it, dipped with the sweet taste of tomato chutney and the strong smell of the pesto, the food smelled scrumptious. Let the taste of the food slowly go through your tastebuds. Let yourself understand the purpose of Italian food. The smell…

By Helen Wen

7 thoughts on “Room 25

  1. I really like the high level of descriptive language the students in room 25 have used to give us a picture of cooking this week. Good use of scenes as well, keep up the good work Room 25.

  2. I think a Thai curry is a wonderful dish to have on cold night. I hope you enjoyed eating your curry and it wasn’t too spicy.

  3. Well done Deboprana for your persuasive argument in support of having Garden to Table in schools. Garden to Table also includes reading, writing, science, health studies and mathematics. I totally agree with you about the element of fun which is so important in learning.

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