Room 1

30th November 2015

Room 1 have really enjoyed their Garden to Table sessions cooking up delicious meals using our fresh produce and experimenting with different flavours. Grace from Room 1 has written up a great recount on what she has been learning through her exciting experiences in the kitchen and gardens.

This term we have been doing Garden to Table. In the garden, we have been learning about the temperature in the sun and in the shade. We have also been learning which way the wind blows so that we know where to plant the plants. Now in the kitchen we have had so much fun with Sarah.
She has taught us how to cut food and to read the recipe right. She has also taught us about the correct seasons for growing fruit and vegetables. When I say this I think I speak for all of us, our favourite part of the kitchen is eating the food we make. We want to say a big ‘thank-you’ to Sarah and Jodie!
By Grace 


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Term 4

This week Room 1 has been back in action at Garden to Table. This class of amazing scientists and learners have been exploring the garden and discovering some of the amazing fruit and vegetables planted there. I wonder what he is holding up in the picture? Boy, it looks awesome and tasty.

In the kitchen this group of students have been exploring colour and texture. The red coming from those beetroot fritters radiate a warm and inviting glow. It makes me excited to see such amazing colours on the plate. Well done Room 1.

Term 1

Room 1 has been developing a reputation as a class of budding scientists (maybe with the help of their great teacher Mrs Ray). At Garden to Table Room 1 has been examining how absorbent different types of soils are and measuring the amount of liquid absorbed. They have also examined how the sun affects absorption and examining how much water a garden would need.

In the kitchen they have been learning how to steam food. They have created fantastic steamed buns which looked so delicious my mouth is watering.

Well done Room 1, keep up the hard work!!

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4 thoughts on “Room 1

  1. Room 16 think you have done a fantastic job making steamed buns. They look really tasty. Next time you make them we would love to try them! We were wondering what you put in the steamed buns? We could see you used carrot but what else? Why did you need to use the cupcake wrappers? How did you cook the buns with steam?
    We can’t wait to be in Year 3 so that we can do Garden To Table too!
    Thank you for showing us what you have been making.
    From Room 16

    1. Hello Room 16. Thank you so much for reading our blog. The steamed buns were delicious! They also contained soy sauce, courgette and ginger. We used the cupcake wrappers to esily move the buns in and out of the steamer. The steamer is placed on top of a pan of boiling water and so the steam rises through the buns, cooking them on the way! Garden to Table is SO much fun. You will really enjoy it ( and the teachers get to try the food too!)
      From Mrs Ray, Room 1

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