Room 11

August 2015

Room 11 has been having an outstanding time during Term 2 at Garden to Table. These Zoku students have all shown great maturity towards their learning both in the garden and the kitchen.

These talented students have explored their senses: looking, listening, feeling, tasting and smelling the world around them and learning how to harvest produce when it is at its best. As we all know ‘fresh food is the best’.  

Check out the photos and slideshow below to see Room 11 in action.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

May 2015

It is great to see students from Zoku team relishing their experiences at Garden to Table. This term Room 11 has been busy harvesting feijoas from our orchard to use up in the kitchen. What surprised me the most was the size of the feijoas, some were as big as the students’ hands. These were used to create the most delicious and exciting cupcakes up in the kitchen. I would love to hear some descriptive writing about the tastes that you experienced!  Your challenge is to describe the flavour, feel and the smell in a poem and give it to your teacher.

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