Room 26

Room 26 have been having a great time at Garden to Table. Here is some writing they have done and check out their photos too!

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At Garden to Table my group and I went to cooking first. We had 2 rainbow chard leaves and then we had to cut the stalk and put it in the compost bin. After that we put the rainbow chard leaves in boiling water for about 10 seconds. Then Sarah left them on glad wrap to cool down. After that we had two glad wrap pieces on the table in front of us. Then we put the rainbow chard leaves on the glad wrap and then we put rice on them. We then put the in the fridge and got to eat them
Aruis P

Last Thursday Room 26 had Garden to Table. In gardening we were making garden beds, we were so looking forward to it. “But first of all,” said Jodie, “you all have to write the WALT down in your books.” So we quickly wrote the WALT down in our books and got the tools we needed. The first thing we needed to do was go to the old garden beds and fill our buckets with the soil that was in there. I did 4 buckets full. After the soil in the old garden beds was empty we hurried off to get the plants pots to put in the new garden bed we made. Whilst Rishi was putting in the soil I was smoothing it around the plant pots. Finally our new garden bed was finished, it didn’t look like we made it at all. Just then the bell rang “ooooh,” everyone moaned, I wonder what we’re going to next time

At cooking time we made vegetable sushi. What we had to do wass wash our hands and get an apron to wear. Then we got on with our work. Firstly we had to cut off the stem of the rainbow chard then we had to cook them for about 10 seconds. After that we had to dry them. So while the rainbow chard was drying, we had to make the filling for the sushi. We grated 2 carrots and sliced 1 whole avocado. Then we had to put some rice on because you can’t make sushi without rice. So now we had to get our rainbow chard leafs and put all the filling to roll it up. I did not know it would be this delicious.

In Garden to Table we had to write the WALT: reduce landfill by upcycling fence posts. Then we went to the Jerusalem artichokes garden to get some dirt out to put in the new garden bed with a shovel and a bucket. I shared the bucket with Kritesh. We had to get dirt and put it into the garden for the school to plant some new plants. We got some new plants and put them inside the bed but we didn’t put them in. Then we went back to the place we were at, at the start and that was the end of Garden to Table.
Brooklyn L

First we finely chopped the spring onions. Then we grated the carrot. Then we chopped the avocado in even sizes. We put the rainbow chard into the boiling water for 10 seconds. We used a piece of cling wrap. We put in rice, carrots and avocado. Then we wrapped the sushi with cling wrap and put it in the fridge.

This week we are doing Garden to Table again. All the education is so much fun. Well, I’m going to be writing about cooking, so this is how it begun…
It was nearly lunchtime when my group started cooking. We were all very excited because all of us love cooking class. “Everyone, please wash your hands before you start,” called Sarah. We washed our hands, put on our aprons and clipped our name tags on. “Okay everyone, we’re going to be making Sushi today!” Sarah told us. Kathy, our other cooking teacher held up a bunch of Rainbow Chard. “Guess what we’re using these for?” she asked. “Are we going to be using these for a vegetable?” asked Mahnaz. She is one of my group members. “No,” Said Kathy, we’re going to use this Rainbow Chard for wrapping our Sushi! “No way!” But do we grow Sushi in our garden? No.
First we had to soften our Rainbow Chard by putting it in hot boiling water for 10 seconds so it wient go soft. When Kathy gave our Rainbow Chard back, we started piling rice on top of it and smoothing it with a table knife. Next we were allowed to choose our toppings like carrots, spring onions or onions.
When we were finished wrapping our sushi, we put them on a plate and started eating it. It was yum!

Here is a range of photos from Room 26’s experiences at Garden to Table so far this term. Their highlight has been creating the “Caterpillar Hotels”, you will often see them tending to the hotels in their spare time. Well done Room 26!

Week 5

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Week 3

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Week 1

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Room 26 had an incredible time over Term 2 at Garden to Table. Here are some of the highlights

In the Kitchen…

In the Garden …

My Garden-to-Table Recount
Let me tell you about my marvellous and fascinating day at Garden-to-Table. On Thursday 21st March, 2013 at 12:00 p.m we went to the garden. Milan, Louis, Ratul, Tanjila, Mahnaz, Keertana, Meliame, Malatai, Mohammad Amery, and Jude were there to have fun too. Let me tell you all about my awesome and amazing time.

Stomp, bang, stomp was the sound of my group walking to the garden. I was so excited because I love going to the garden. First, we sat down at the benches and listened to Jodi (our gardening teacher). She taught us about why we should grow plants, fruits and vegetables in are garden because our farming land is getting smaller and smaller when more population comes in. She demonstrated the lesson with a rock melon and kept cutting it into halves. When she finished the demonstration she gave us the cut up rock melon to eat. It was so juicy and yummy.

After eating the juicy rock melon we went to the butterfly garden. We looked at the butterfly garden and we saw tons of weeds, so she gave us tools and we got cracking. It was so hot and it was so hard pulling them out, but it was really fun. When the wheelbarrow was full with all the weeds, Tanjila and I wheeled the wheel barrow to the compost bin and let me tell you it was very hard to steer. I was very sad when the bell rang for lunch, but happy too because after lunch was the cooking class.

What a day! I had so much fun today! I cannot wait until my next Garden-to-Table class
By Kareena Naran-Rm 26

Garden to table
On Thursday 21st March, we went to Garden to Table. I used a pitch fork to get the roots and I pulled out 10 to 12 roots by my bare hands. It only hurt a little bit I really enjoyed gardening class. I learn new stuff every second week.

After lunch it was time to go up to the cooking room. We cooked some healthy muesli bars with chocolate chip and chapattis; it was very delicious and very tasty. First we chopped some onions, then we cut some garlic as well. Then we rolled the dough and after that I got to flip the chapattis in the frying pan, it was so cool. We ate the chapattis with peas and other vegetables.

The next day we ate the healthy chocolate chip muesli bars. I loved that, it was so nice that I had three of them and I still wanted more!
By Brooke Nega- Rm 26

GTT TERMS 1, 2 & 3

In the garden, we have learnt to use teamwork to help each other. We have experienced many things like bugs, compost, new smells and textures. We have learnt how to weed a garden, pick fruit, pot and un-pot plants and water a garden. Lastly we made fertilizer, use a compass, work with new tools and plan a garden

In the kitchen we made and ate new food, used fresh food from the garden. Also, we learned how to use kitchen and cooking utensils. We learned how to measure amounts and read recipes. Finally we learned how to read recipes properly, about health and safety and had a great time!

By Maddison B. 30/5/12

Garden to Table

Garden to Table is really fun because we got to learn how to make fertilizer. It was very smelly! We also got to use new tools such as pitch forks, wheelbarrows and spades. We also got to measure bamboo in the Endeavour garden and water the garden.

Garden to Table is really fun because you get to use kitchen appliances and we get to measure. We also got to read recipes. The second most important is that we used team work but the best thing of all to do in the cooking class is to eat!!!!

By Miles M. 30 May 2012

Garden to Table

Garden to Table is the most exciting thing ever except sports. Every two weeks we go off to garden to Table on Tuesdays. The first thing that our group starts with is gardening. The things that we learned are how to pull out plants without breaking them and how to plant them in the ground. We also learn how to measure, team work, weed the garden, use compost and exciting tools like wheelbarrows and pitch forks. I remember this one time on Tuesday that we planted garlic in sheep poo. On that same day we had a wheelbarrow race.

I’m going to talk about Table now. After gardening, we go off to Table. Table means we go and cook. Our group always finishes after 3 o’clock. The things we learn are how to chop without getting your fingers cut and how to roll up dough. The most fun bit is getting to eat it. Best of all we have fun.

Murphy L. 30 May 2012

We also used GTT as something to write about for explanation writing, as it was fresh in the students’ minds:

26/6/12    W.A.L.T:  Practise explanation writing

Winter Garden Soup

Want to have a tasty soup? Try this and it will be easy to make.

  • Firstly peel the onion and garlic skin and put that in the compost bin. After that chop up the garlic and onion.
  • Secondly grate ½ cup of kumara. Then wash some spinach and chop it into pieces.
  • Thirdly put a pot on the stove and add the chopped onion and garlic, the ½ grated kumara and the chopped spinach.
  • Second to last step is add 3 cups of water into a jug and add a powder called Brock. Later on stir it for about 1 minute, and then pour the water into the pot with the ingredients in it.
  • Last of all add some tomato juice into the pot and stir well. After that wait for 15 minutes for it to cook. And then you’re ready to eat.

This is my explanation of how to make winter harvest soup.

By Nivetha Room 26

As part of our persuasive writing, we worked on persuasive letters. Before we did that we learned how to lay out a letter. We wrote about GTT.

14 June 2012

Garden to Table

Dear Rosemary,

I am going to tell you about what I have been doing in Garden to Table this term.

I really enjoyed the kitchen. We made some really nice food. My favourite meal was the moon shaped pies. My least favourite dish was the beetroot and chocolate muffins. I like the garden too, apart from the worms. I don’t like worms. I think Garden to Table is a really good idea.

I love Garden to Table, it is really fun!

Yours sincerely

Charlotte B.

4 thoughts on “Room 26

  1. It sounds like the way you make fertiliser would be healty for the soil. Without the gardens there would be nothing to cook. Thanks for the Winter Garden Soup recipe. I like the combination of onions, garlic and kumara, but not too much garlic. I am also interested in the moon-shaped pies. The beetroot and chocolate muffins sound like a tasty combination.

  2. You sound like you were very busy clearing the gardens. It is really good that every bit of space is being used to plant crops and also it is important for our ‘small creatures’. Well done. The cooking and food eating is well-deserved after working in the gardens. Look forward to reading more of your recounts.

  3. Kareena – it sounds like you had fun.I enjoyed reading about what you had done. I am not sure that you had Garden to Table at your other school but there is a lot of learning that goes on in this programme……..and lots of fun and eating!!!

  4. Kareena, I am glad you enjoyed the gardening and rock melon is a lovely fruit to eat. Brooke, I like chappattis too as they can go with so many foods especially vegetables. I like peas too.

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