Term 4

As term four begins, the wet weather still lingers but there is bright sunshine on the horizon.

The Garden to Table team is looking forward to seeing the students  begin their journey to summer, experiencing bountiful harvests in the garden and mastering vital techniques in the kitchen.

Garden to Table is also offering evening cooking classes this term to our parents and wider community. Please visit here for more information, including how to book.


Room 16 in action

Room 16 planted silverbeet on Monday the 1st of August at Garden to Table with Jodie. We were excited to do some planting and growing of our own vegetables. We had to pull all the weeds out before we planted anything so the weeds don’t take all the space and food for our plants. Next we dug a little hole for our seedlings and squished the plants out of their plastic so we could plant them. We felt pleased and proud when we saw all the little silverbeet plants in the garden.


Term 3 begins

With winter’s cold fingers upon us and the rain and wind lashing at our tails, the students at Edendale come back to term 3 full of excitement. Why, you might ask? Well because another round of Garden to Table starts and students will get to explore the various vegetables growing in the garden, and how these can be used in the kitchen.

Rooms 28 and 29s’ adventure so far…

Room 28 and 29 have been very busy at Garden to Table during term 2. They have explored the gardens looking at composting and collecting rain water. They have been exploring the three R’s: Reduce, reuse and re-purpose. I wonder what they might come up with?

In the kitchen they have been examining what is in a pantry, while also exploring the different equipment they will be using during the term.

Go to the Tuakana home page to see what they have been up to.