Garden to Table – 2018

Garden to Table is well and truly under way for 2018. The Tuakana team and Kahu teams have thoroughly enjoyed their time in both the gardens and the kitchen.

In the kitchen children have had the opportunity to make a number of ethnic dishes from around the world such as ‘Domatokeftethes’ (Greek tomato fritters) with Tzatziki (Greek dipping sauce). They also made mouth watering passionfruit tarts.

In the garden the students have been harvesting our delicious produce that has grown over the summer such as corn, cucumbers, passionfruit, parsley etc. so that they can cook with it in the kitchen.

Keep an eye on our recipes tab for the latest recipes being used in the kitchen.

If you are able to volunteer your time to help with Garden to Table please contact your classroom teacher or our kitchen and garden specialists. Garden to Table is not possible without our volunteers 





Fire Drill Dumplings

On Thursday 7th September Room 9 had the opportunity to visit Garden to Table after a whole term. We found out we were making ‘Fire Drill Dumplings’. (Last year when the school made dumplings, they set off the fire alarms and five fire trucks had to come to check out the school, that is why they are called Fire Drill Dumplings).  We started with cutting up all the vegetables and put them into a processor so that all the vegetables were nice and small. We put all the vegetables into a fry pan and fried them with some sesame oil and soy sauce. Next we had to fill the dumpling pastries in a special way. This was a lot easier than I thought it might have been. Lastly they were fried in an electric fry pan and served with soy sauce and vinegar. It was delicious. I might even try them at home using the recipe from the Garden to Table blog!!

By Gene

Did you ever??

Room 3 have been enjoying their time at Garden to Table this term. They have been cooking up a storm in the kitchen and maintaining our gardens. Some of the students enjoyed their time so much, that they wrote some poems. Have a read…

Did you ever… 

Did you ever try cooking at Edendale school?
Knives chopping tomatoes and corn,
Pot patting and potting,
Beetroot muffins baking in the oven…
Try it!

By Neel Bamania

Did you ever…

Did you ever try gardening at Edendale?
Hands peeling corn,
Worms wriggling
Butterflies flapping wings
I love it!
Did you ever do cooking at Edendale kitchen?
Pots babbling,
Knives cutting veggies,
Everyone eating…
Try it!

By Olivia Hasler

“I scream we all scream for ice-cream”

Some of the students at Edendale have extremely enjoyed their experiences at Garden to Table so far. In the kitchen with Anna they had the opportunity to make some ice-cream. YUM!!!!

The students worked in small groups to create their delicious ice cream. First they started with some cream and sugar in a small Glad Bag and added this bag to a bigger bag filled with ice and salt. The children then took turns to shake the bag until the cream got thicker and thicker. It was fantastic to see students working together as a team, even if they did have cold water dripping down their arms. The students then added the final touches to their ice-cream. Finally the ice cream was scooped onto cones and the students were ready to gobble down their creation. What an amazing experience!!

While in the garden with Jodie, the students were busy identifying where they could find our fresh produce around the school such as Carrots, Tomatoes, Spinach and much much more.

Keep an eye out on the blog for more pictures and students work to come!!


Through Bonnie’s Eyes

Room 14 have been focusing on writing recounts, in first person. Their Garden to Table session was very memorable. Bonnie wrote a fantastic recount!


On Tuesday the 7th of February Room 14 went to Garden to Table. The teachers were called Anna, Sonia, Janine and Jodie. The year 3’s cut some things like lemons, kumara, corn and onion. Chomp, chomp, chomp! The year 4’s made some zucchini slice and some orzo pasta. I didn’t really like the orzo pasta but I gave it a try. I helped with the dishes with some special soap. I love Garden to Table and can’t wait ‘til next time!

IMG_9924 (2).JPG

Welcome Back to 2017

Welcome back to another fantastic year of Garden to Table. This programme provides our students with the opportunity to have some hands on learning experiences both in the kitchen and the garden.

The junior school is well under way with their gardening and cooking and have had some huge successes harvesting corn and making ice cream.

Here is what some of the children in Room 19 had to say about their first session for 2017.


“We liked licking our ice creams.” By LJ



“I scooped out the passion fruit so that it could make our ice cream taste like passionfruit” By Jono


“To make ice cream I put 3 tablespoons of sugar into the bag” By Pelle.


” I pulled off the corn. I had to bend down and twist it so it could come off.” Ella

Sunny Spring

As the weather is getting warmer the children are enjoying there time out in the gardens watching the produce grow and the beautiful flowers bloom. Room 13 have been busy in the kitchen creating delicious meals and learning a whole bunch of skills. Most importantly the students have been learning to correctly read a recipe and the importance of specific measurements.
Here are some pictures of Room 13 in action.
Pop onto the Rapu Team Page to see more of their time at Garden to Table.