Ata Rangi


The team formally known as Kakano is now going under the name ‘Ata Rangi’ – meaning the new dawn and new beginning this is fairly appropriate as Garden to Table is having a new dawn and beginning, with these students participating in Garden to Table in Terms 2 & 3.


17th May 2016

Room 8’s First Garden to Table session
This term some very young chefs and gardeners from the Ata Rangi team have taken part in Garden to Table for the first time. These students have been given the opportunity to experience some real ‘hands on’ rich learning in both the kitchen and the garden.
Room 8 reflected on their exciting lesson

Today was our very first Garden to Table session. For some of us, it was the first time we had been in the school kitchen. It was very exciting! We all made sure we had covered shoes and long hair tied up so we were safe and healthy. It was very hard for some of us to keep our hands clean!

WALT:Classify edible plants

First we didn’t know what a herb was. Jodi told us vegetables have no seeds inside. The fruit has seeds inside them. The herbs have a strong smell.
By   Jun-Hao Wang

WALT: Mix ingredients together 

In Garden to Table we made scones. First you had to get a measuring cup and then you need to pour some sort of liquid. After that you need to pour the lemonade in the bowl with the measuring cup. When you have done that you need to take it out of the bowl and spread cinnamon on it. After that you need to roll it. When you have done that put it in the oven and then you will have scones. Then it is the best part- it is time to eat it! Yummy!
By Emily Duke

Room 15’s experience at Garden to Table

Making Scones

First at Garden to Table we washed our hands. Then we put the ingredients in. Then we stirred it. After that we put the apple in and rolled it up and chopped it. Then we put it in the oven.
By Alex

Why we like Garden to Table?

Room 16 have had such fun and exciting experiences at Garden to Table. The students are learning all about explanation writing. Room 16 explain why they like Garden to Table.

We like GTT because we get to eat lots of things and we planted some seeds.
By Raihan

I like GTT because we get to make things and taste things.
By Tani

I like to plant beans. It’s fun. Also we get to cook and bake.
By Gray