Thank you and happy holidays

As the blistering sun sets on another year of Garden to Table here at Edendale, it is important to acknowledge the fantastic people who help keep it a success. Sarah and Jodie run the Garden to Table programme at Edendale, working tirelessly to provide learning rich experiences for the students to engage in. Their hard work is the cornerstone upon which students learn to explore, create and apply their newfound knowledge about food. Many students this year have gained valuable knowledge regarding where their food comes from, through to how it can be harvested and used to provide nourishing meals. The walls of the programme are the helpers and volunteers who help hold the building together. These fantastic people help weed the gardens, help with preparation and assist the students in their learning experiences. The roof of this structure is the school. Its fantastic teaching staff (who integrate Garden to Table across their busy curriculum), the senior management and the Board of Trustees support the concept and help fund and keep the programme on its feet.

A big thank you goes out to all of you involved who help make this programme the success it is.

We wish you all the best over the holiday period and hope you feed back any fantastic recipes or learning experiences with us next year.

Ka kite ano,

Jonathan and Danisha


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