What happens in the garden at night?

As the beautiful shinning sun went down and the light faded, in the garden four slimy crawly centipedes crawled out of the soft soil. They crawled along the spiky grass. Above them was a beautiful colourful raindrop, resting on the top of the grass. They crawled along until they reached the hard concrete.As the centipedes climbed onto the hard concrete path, flashing lights flashed into the centipede’s eyes. There was a huge door way leading into the park. Insects and animals were all there, rushing in and out of the doorway. The centipedes crawled through the doorway and walked around. There was a rollercoaster made out of beetroot leaves and a circus tent made out of carrots stacked together. The centipedes crawled around doing every little thing they could do until dawn came. All the insects went home and went to bed just as the sun rose up in the garden.    

Qiqi Room 3

2 thoughts on “What happens in the garden at night?

  1. Qiqi, your writing is incredibly descriptive and so interesting to read. When I next see a centipede, it will make me think what it gets up to in the night. As well as all the other mini-beasts in our gardens.

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