Retelling their experiences in their words

Room 5 have been thoroughly enjoying their sessions in Garden to Table this term. They have already learnt a number of skills and have been most enthusiastic about the meals they have been preparing. They cannot wait until their next session…this is evident through the conversations amongst them during morning tea and lunch.

Some of the students have written recounts of their time at Garden to Table

Pop onto their page to read some more

Garden to Table

Last week we went to Garden to Table. There are two groups. I am in group one. First group one went to the kitchen and group two went to the garden.

In the kitchen we made beetroot falafels and we put some spices in the falafels. We also made some yoghurt and mint dressing. We also made a salad to go on the side. Then when it was all done and cooked we sat down nicely and waited for it to be served. When it was served we predicted what it was going to feel like in our mouths. Was it going to be crunch? Smooth? What do you think it would feel like?

Then we took at bite, WOW, it almost blew my head off. The salad was really crunchy and the beetroot falafels were kind of in the middle of crunchy and smooth. The yoghurt was really smooth and I didn’t even taste the mint, because it blended out a bit.

It as deliciously yummy!!! Then it was lunch time, I could hardly eat anything because the falafels were so yummy.

After lunch group one went to the garden and group two went to the kitchen.  First we wrote the WALT in our Day books. Then we looked at the temperature. Each group had three people. Each group go one thermometer we went in the shade and the sun to see what had changed. After that we went into the wind. Each group got one windmill stick thing. We went to the fence to see what way the wind was blowing. Then we got out the compass and went were the wind was blowing South-West. Finally, we went down to the orchard and compared all the different fruits and veges. In the orchard we found out there were heaps of weeds, so we picked them all out. There was a type of weed that was really sticky but I forgot what it was called. I pretended that I was a weed bag and stuck some sticky weeds on my t-shirt. After that we said “bye” to our teachers and went back to the classroom and packed up ready to go home.

By Sadie Cormack
Room 5

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