Tuakana Reflections

The students in the Tuakana team look back to the new skills, learning, experiences and great memories they have had during their time at Garden to Table this year. Our Year 6 students are extremely sad to move onto an Intermediate school that may not have Garden to Table, however are grateful to take away the rich learning experiences and unique skills they have learnt while taking part in the programme while being at Edendale Primary.

Continue keeping an eye on the pages of the Tuakana rooms for a variety of reflections throughout the term.

Here is a reflection by a Year 6 student – Nikiah Room 27

Unfortunately Garden to Table has come to an end for the Year 6’s at Edendale Primary, however the Garden to Table programme has taught us all a lot of skills and tricks for gardening, growing, cooking, baking and most importantly having teamwork and self-confidence in ourselves. We all have learnt the different ways to use gardening tools and learnt how careful you have to be when growing plants, fruits and vegetables and also the very watch growth process of the above. Not only have we learnt about gardening, cooking has also played an equal part in Garden to Table. We year 6’s, have learnt how to make things like spring rolls all the way up to different flavoured muffins! It’s really fun and exciting to be able to make food and eat it! I’m positive that anyone that will do Garden to Table will be glad to be in such a caring and fun environment filled with fun and knowledge. Thank you so much Garden to Table.

Nikiah Room 27 

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