Students continuing to reminisce the good times…

The students in Room 24 continue to buzz about the amazing experience that they had when Aaron Cruden visited Edendale Primary and participated in Garden to Table with them.

Over the last couple of weeks the students have written fantastic recounts on their experience. It is great to hear them still talking about what they learnt, to their peers in the playground.

Keep an eye out on Room 24s page for many more recounts

On Thursday   27th August Room 24 had Garden to Table. We knew that somebody was coming as a special guest but we all got a surprise when we found out it was Aaron Cruden. I got to welcome him and was very excited and nervous waiting for him to come. When we were cooking with him, he did very well at helping out and joining in. We made steamed Chinese buns with delicious veges in them. We had a great time with Aaron Cruden . After making the steamed buns we asked him questions and for his signature, while eating the buns. Once we had finished Rosemary took a photo with us and him plus Miss Cunningham, Aarons wife, Danny, Sarah and Kathy. We all enjoyed our day with Aaron Cruden and my dad got some cool stuff to put in the next Rugby Magazine.
By Nicole Gill and Isla Paul

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