Tuakana students becoming the teachers!

During the last couple of sessions in the kitchen with Sarah the Tuakana team have had the opportunity to create their own learning intention (WALT). They reflected on what they had learnt during the lesson and in particular the specific skills that they either used or developed. It has been an interesting journey to see these learning intentions develop over the last few weeks and how the students are starting to master this skill. Here are a few examples of the WALT’s the students developed:

WALT: Combine dry and wet ingredients together
By Muadh

WALT: Use teamwork to create delicious treats
By Cody

WALT: Use a variety of ingredients to make sweet and savoury muffins
By Elsie

WALT: Accurately measure ingredients to create the correct texture for our batter
By Diya

We are looking forward to many more of these excellent learning intentions created by our Edendale students!

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