Winter is slowly fading away…

As we see more sunshine and less grey clouds, our days are brighter and the students creative juices are definitely flowing. On Friday 21st August Rooms 26 and 24 took advantage of the beautiful warm afternoon. The children spent their time roaming around the gardens and sitting amongst the garden beds to create some fantastic writing. They got themselves into groups of four with children they hadn’t had the opportunity to work with previously. Their task was to come up with some form of creative writing based on nature. We had some fantastic haikus, poems using the five senses, songs, raps and much more.

Here are just some of the many masterpieces…pop onto Room 26 or 24 to check out the rest!

I’m walking through the garden
This is what I see
Some ripe sweet potato
Growin’ just for me

I’m walking to the kitchen
This is what I smell
Some smokin’ fresh Crayfish
Baked in their shells

It’s such a shame its once a fortnight
It’s only because our schedules too tight
Then I carved a pumpkin and gave them a fright
Once I came back and did it all night

By Rob, Isla. Muadh & Beth-Anne

I walk into the garden and this is what I see
I see red juicy apples growing on the tree
I walk in the garden and this is what I hear
I hear leaves on a tree rustling with the air
I walk into the garden and this is what I smell
I smell fresh cut grass, oh oops I think I fell

By Kartik, Batool, Dylan, Fuatino

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