Over this holiday period, get excited about getting into the garden in the morning.  Remember the happiness that digging, feeling, and smelling good old dirt can bring.  Use the skills that you have learnt at Garden to Table to design your own winter garden at home. Plant something that you can use in the kitchen in the future.

Think to yourself:

I’m going to be dirty today.

If your mum asks “Did you plan to get dirty?” Well no. You don’t plan to get dirty.  You are a kid, there is dirt.  You don’t plan to get dirty, it is just good luck.

Dirt smells good, dirt feels good too.

Think, today I plan to create for the future. Today I plant for tomorrow.

One thought on “Dirt

  1. The other benefit of doing some outside gardening is being in the sun. As plants need sunlight over Winter, so do people.

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