Digging it in the Garden

Wow, Room 28 has been outstanding at Garden to Table. These students have worked together to look after our fantastic orchard. They have been getting deep into the foliage to clear out all the nasty weeds using their well refined digging skills.

In the kitchen the students have been tantalising taste buds with their creation of a zesty Jerusalem artichoke and parsnip salad. This was served with a herbed cheese scone which they created in the same lesson (talk about multi-tasking). To achieve all this work the students needed to use a variety of preparation and cooking techniques, applying all the skills that they have been learning throughout their time at Edendale.

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One thought on “Digging it in the Garden

  1. Room 28 certainly sound as if they were busy. The cheese scones sound delicious and would go with not only salads but soups too. The orchard is looking tidy with the foliage cleared and the branches trimmed. Thank you to Room 28 and other Tuakana classes. Well done.

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