Poetry in motion

Poetry expresses feelings from the heart, soul and mind. It encapsulates the essence of a subject or idea. Here at Edendale we have some very talented and insightful students who have created poems which summarise their feelings regarding Garden to Table. Below is one of those fantastic pieces of work.  If you would like to see more please head to Room 28’s page in the tab above.

Garden to Table – By Samantha Pullen Room 28

From the gardens of green,

To the kitchen of creation.

Planting, tending, harvesting, baking, tasting.

Garden to Table is all about fun!

Green is the garden

Always bursting with colour

Red, yellow, brown, white, blue and purple

Don’t forget to fertilise your crops

Even in the compost there is so much life

Never underestimate the garden


Klang! Bash! Bang!

In the kitchen is a wild place

Tables laden with ingredients

Cooking is very delicate, yet so simple – sometimes

Healthy yet delicious food

Everyone loves it

Not always, though, it is safe

One thought on “Poetry in motion

  1. I like your poem Samantha. There is still a lot of colour in our gardens as you have mentioned. The strawberries are very red and the coriander flowers are colourful too.

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