Winter is coming

As the days shorten and the sky clouds over grey we must remember that winter is not so bad and the seasonal features are things to watch and enjoy. Our breaths rise in visible puffs to join the darkened cloudy sky. Freezing chills fill the air but this air also  brings crispness to the leaves, and dew forming crystals that crunch underfoot. Hands so cold, you cannot feel the tips of your fingers – the perfect excuse to dress up warm in many layers to meet the challenge of the weather before you. This will also keep you warm when you head into the garden.

There is earth to be dug and vegetables to be planted to provide a bountiful harvest for the kitchen. Cabbage and spinach are just a few of the fantastic vegetables which can be planted at this time of year. Can you find out what else? Maybe you could design your own garden bed and label the different vegetables which could be planted in this frosty time.

One thought on “Winter is coming

  1. Silverbeet is another plant which can survive the cold weather. This vegetable can be used in so many meals such as soup, quiche and pies. Yum!!

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