Jamie Oliver Food Revolution Day 2015 at Edendale

In 2014 our celebration of Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution Day was featured on TV1 with Room 28’s Pyjama Breakfast, such a lot of fun! This year was also very enjoyable; a group of students from across Tuakana Team (Years Five-Six) met in the kitchen to bake scrumptious bread rolls, mix up a storm of roasted carrot and garlic hummus, grate fresh beetroot, add beansprouts and construct simple, healthy sliders for lunch. We all agreed they were simply delicious! Check out our photos! The recipes will be on-line very soon. Thank you so much to Sarah, Kathy and Lizzie for coming in today for this special occasion!

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3 thoughts on “Jamie Oliver Food Revolution Day 2015 at Edendale

  1. The aromas emanating from the Garden to Table kitchen on Food Revolution Day smelled so delicious I was tempted to invade the kitchen – Well done to all! We are developing some amazing young chefs/cooks at Edendale!

  2. I was impressed with the way in which students were able to readily explain how they made the different dishes and appreciated being part of the celebration.The different flavours were delicious when combined and would be wonderful for a snack or lunch. What a lovely way to acknowledge Food Revolution Day! Thanks Sarah, Kathy and Lizzie for the preparation and time spent with the students.

  3. Looks like great way to celebrate food revolution day. what delicious looking bread rolls – will you be putting the recipe up on your page?!

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