As seasons change, so do we

Autumn is known as a time of maturity, so it is only appropriate that here at Edendale our senior students in Tuakana begin their learning at Garden to Table in the autumnal season. We look forward to sharing their experiences here with you, and are excited to ponder what they may be creating in the kitchen and learning about in the garden.

Tupu team and Rooms 9 and 10 from Zoku are sad to say goodbye to Garden to Table. There has been fantastic food created such as vegetable tarts, steamed buns and seasonal salads to name a few. The students busied themselves in the garden to help harvest a large variety of foods and explored how plants require water and the sun to survive. They have linked Garden to Table into their poetry lessons creating fantastic onomatopoeic poems and will be continuing to use Garden to Table through their procedural writing in Term 2.

As the season of autumn takes hold take some time to pause and breathe in the crisp fresh air and remember: “No spring nor summer beauty hath such grace as I have seen in one autumnal face.”

[The Autumnal]

― John Donne

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One thought on “As seasons change, so do we

  1. I look forward to seeing and hearing about the gardening and cooking by Tuakana students over the next two terms. Thanks to Mr Jackson for the updates, it has been lovely reading about what the younger students have been doing in the kitchen and gardens so far this year. Despite the autumn weather there is still many plants growing in our gardens. Thanks to Jodie and all those students who have been planting and weeding in Term One.

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