Cook to Cure

On Thursday 20 November, Tuakana team will be using all the wonderful skills they have learnt in the kitchen this year.

As part of our Term 4 Inquiry based on success and resilience, students will be taking part in the Cook to Cure fundraising programme.
The main idea is that students will be the ‘bakers’ and bring their goodies to school to sell, where all Edendale students will have the opportunity to purchase some of the baking.
100% of the profits from the fundraising will go directly to Starship Children’s Hospital fund.

If you wish to find out more about Cook to Cure, please visit the official website

One thought on “Cook to Cure

  1. What a fantastic idea and great cause to support Tuakana team. Over the last two terms I have seen some wonderful cooking and the smell of many a delicious meal waft out from the Garden To Table kitchen. It will be great to see what Year 5-6 students provide to sell. I will certainly this wonderful venture. Well done!!!

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