Sourdough starter

Do you love the smell of fresh bread in the morning? Well this recipe will provide you not only the motivation to bake fresh bread but also the skills to be successful when you do it. Sourdoughs have been around for centuries and are a way to collect the natural/wild yeast around where you live, providing a distinct taste from the area you live. Wild yeast is everywhere and is amazing stuff with exciting and delicious flavours.
Sourdough starters are quick to make and can be passed from whanau (family) to whanau down our whakapapa (family line). The best thing is all you need is flour and water to start the process, and a bit of patience. It takes 5 days to begin with to capture the wild yeast to its full potential and then you can begin the baking process.
Have a go at making this sourdough starter (found in the tab above) and then follow the blog site for how to make sourdough bread as well as exciting recipes to help you be successful in your Garden to Table experience.

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