Hearty healthy fried rice

Do you want to be able to help your parents cook an easy dinner as well as using all those lovely vegetables from your garden? Fried rice is a fantastic healthy meal which is easy and quick to make and very tasty.

The rice can be cooked the day before, and you can always put in other ingredients that you have in the fridge, such as cooked chicken, or deli meats or other vegetables.

Check out the recipe tab above for step by step instructions with pictures.

3 thoughts on “Hearty healthy fried rice

    1. Thank you, I hope you enjoy.
      Fried rice is a great recipe to have up your sleeve to use up extra vegetables and food. I also like to add different flavours such as hoisen or oyster sauce to change the flavour every now and again.
      P.s I love the topics covered in your blog too.

      1. You’re welcome, and I’ll try to let you know how it goes. My husband is a very hard worker who does 12 hour shifts a day and he loves fried rice, but he is always left hungry after eating it. I love your take on a heartier version of it. It’s funny because today we just went to the store to try a different version we saw on Facebook earlier in the day. Thank you! I’m about to start a cooking segment where I attempt to cook all month long at home in September. Us both being college students who usually order Chinese take out and barely knowing how to cook, this shall be interesting. If you’re still reading then, I hope you enjoy it. 🙂

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