30 June 2014

Matariki signifies the end of the harvest and the arrival of the winter solstice. It is the countdown to spring and summer. Here at Edendale it is also coinciding with the end of our term. As autumn has turned into winter and Garden to Table winds up for another term is good to reflect upon the traditions of our fine land.
Matariki is traditionally a time of plenty. Root vegetables are gathered and preserved foods become a necessity to help supplement people’s diets over the cold months to come. It is also a time for celebrating new beginnings through the planting of trees, and preparing the land for the new planting of crops. Matariki is a time for looking back and being thankful to the land, forest and sea for our harvest that would sustain the people through the colder months.
Edendale would like to thank all the people involved in Garden to Table this term and the fantastic learning the students have been able to participate in. We wish you all a fantastic holiday period which is a good time to share our bounty with whanau and community.

Check out some of the Matariki events on around Auckland too.


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