Welcome to the new residents of our “Bug Hotels”


You may have noticed the Tuakana students spending a lot of time down by the bottom field lately. They have been tending to Edendale’s new “Bug Hotels”. Installed by Gus and Steve (thank-you guys!), the students have been learning about the best environments for our Garden Friends and Predators to live in. Here are just some of the photos of our beautiful hotels.

Now that you have done such a great job building your hotels, please give time to let the bugs adjust to their new environment. There will be new plants planted underneath them this week and we don’t want them to get trampled on.  

Please check out the Tuakana pages (Room 23 – 28) they have been doing so much in Garden to Table lately and would love to share it with you. They also love your thoughts, so feel free to comment on what they’re doing

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