Our Blue and White Ceramic Sculptures Unveiled

Our sculptures were inspired by the work of Vipoo Srivilasa after visiting Scotch College in Melbourne and seeing the amazing garden sculptures he was commissioned to create with groups of students. Blue and white ceramics are amongst the oldest of international traditions, orginating in the Middle East in the 9th century, becoming more prevalent in Asia in the 14th century and later in Europe. Today, blue and white ceramic designs are celebrated and sought after worldwide! They represent many cultures and are very relevant to the diversity of students and families we are privileged to have as our school community.

What a wonderful ceremony earlier today!! Our marimba group performed; Lynda Hallinan from NZ Gardener and Peter Lange, local/international potter along with Kus, unveiled our stunning sculptures! A group of eight year old students in Year Four worked hard all year on this project! So much learning along the way, team building, working through clay and drying issues that arose, finding enough time to ‘grab’ to ensure we finished! So very proud of you all!
Special thanks to Tom and Kus for sorting out the best way to safely and securely display these new taonga!


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