Junior School: Food Revolution Day

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We washed our hands with soap and we waited on the mat and then we had a big trayful of fruit. Everybody had to share the fruit by picking some up and putting it on the skewer. We had ten or eleven pieces each. I picked apples, bananas and grapes because they are my favourite fruits. I love red food best because of the colour. I don’t like pineapple because it’s quite sweet. After we finished making our fruit kebab we ate it! Maybe Mummy and Daddy can share the spare ones!
Adrian, Room 21

We drew the picture, we coloured it and wrote the words; we copied it using our pieces of fruit and made real fruit kebabs! I liked the grapes best because I like green. My favourite colour is red, the skin of apples is red!
Moka, Room 21

I was thinking about how to draw it; I decided to use lots of fruits, not just one or two. I was thinking about which were my favourites and so I chose kiwifruit, three purple grapes, two green grapes, one mandarin, an orange, one banana and an apple. After I’d made my plan I coloured it. When I was finished I put it on my table. When Matua Alan was ready he called me up and I took my piece of paper and told him all the fruits I chose for my real fruit skewer. Matua Alan cut the spiky bits off the skewers so when we hold them we won’t hurt our fingers. It tasted yummy because I chose lots of fruits!
Shania, Room 18

Room 6’s Homemade Bread (Krish, Angel and Gus)
First we put in the four teaspoons of yeast, we put in the flour next; we put in the salt, milk powder, sugar, butter and water. We put it in a metal bowl which was part of Sensei John’s breadmaker. The machine mixed the ingredients together and then we had to wait for four hours and eight minutes for it to cook. Sensei John came to school at 7.30pm last night for the first lot of bread and it cooked overnight for twelve hours. We all agree that homemade bread is better than bought bread.
Gus: it’s crustier and crunchier, but a few raisins would make it even better!
Krish: When you make homemade bread it’s much cheaper, $2-$5 for shop bread, but if you make it at home it only costs $1!
Angel: You don’t know what they put in the shop bread but we know everything that went into ours!

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