Cooking food for the table….

I love cooking in the “Garden to Table Programme” as it is full of fun. The best thing about it is that most of the ingredients come from our very own school garden. Every lesson there is a brand new mouth-watering recipe waiting to be made. I also enjoy doing the kitchen classes with my friends. I have had an awesome time learning how to cook or prepare food in many different ways.

At the end of cooking lessons there is an anxious wait to see what we have prepared and when it comes out, it turns out to be a masterpiece. Sarah, our cooking teacher is a big help and I just love sharing these recipes with my family at home. Una, R.27

Garden to Table is a programme that started this year for the amazing Year Five and Six team. I like being in the kitchen because we cook and eat scrumptious food. So far we have cooked mouth-watering food such as apple and passion fruit crumble, passion fruit cupcakes and mini pizzas. Cooking is very hard if you’re a beginner and don’t know how to use a knife, that’s why we have the Sarah, our cooking teacher who has been helping us along the way. Jarrod, R.27

I think that the cooking programme in Garden to Table is really fun. I also think that making the food on our own is cool because I never get to make my own food at home. Before we started this programme, I thought it was going to be boring but after the first class I think it is awesome and I always eagerly wait for the next Garden to Table class. Alisha, R.27

In my opinion I think Garden to Table programme is great. Every second week we attend gardening and cooking lessons. I like cooking best because we get to eat mouth-watering food that tastes like gourmet food and get to make food too! On the other hand, it is dangerous when we use knives when cutting food but we have a knife licence so we know how to use them  safely.  It is also tiring as well when you have to stir ingredients inside a pan but it is still fun! Yi Chao , R.27

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